How to Clean and Store Metal Sex Toys

Toys For Urethral Stimulation 2In this article, we will show you how to take a good care of your sex toys, particularly those made of metal. You may think it’s logical and that no special precautions are needed, but think twice. Sex toys are used for a very intimate purpose. You need to make sure they are cleaned, stored and used correctly in order to ensure not just satisfaction but also safety. Careless use of toys and improper cleaning can lead to numerous problems, so this information should be kept in mind.

Caring for Sex Toys

The first thing you need to know about cleaning sex toys is that the proper procedure largely depends on the material. Different materials (such as silicone, rubber, metal, glass, etc.) require different cleaning instructions. However, there is another thing to keep in mind: some materials simply cannot be fully sterilized. Soft materials such as rubber can only be cleaned, but not sterilized – and this can make a lot of difference. While these materials are not completely unsafe they are not body-friendly either. For this reason, it’s best to use toys that can be properly sterilized and used over and over again.

Metal toys, especially those made of Surgical Steel, are sturdy, durable and can be sterilized properly. This is why they are highly recommended for those who like to engage in deep exploration, such as urethral stimulation or ball stretching. They also prove to be ideal for BDSM, especially when it comes to bondage gear and chastity devices.

However, Surgical Steel toys are also great for more common types of adult games, so you can use them almost anywhere. For example, metal cock rings are the most intense and effective penis rings you can find, so that’s another type of a metal toy you’ll wish to have. Also, nobody can resist a good metal dildo.

For all these reasons, chances are that you will have at least some metal toys in your collection, and you need to know how to clean and store them properly.

Cleaning Your Metal Toys

The best way to clean your metal toys is to sanitize them. In fact, this is one of the main advantages of metal sex toys: they can be fully sanitized. Unlike some other materials that can only be cleaned, metal toys can be properly sanitized. This allows for more safety and it’s a better hygienic practice.

Sanitizing metal toys is surprisingly easy – all you need to do is to boil them in hot water. This is a very quick and affordable way to sanitize your toys, so you don’t need to use any specialized cleaning products. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes in boiled water for metal toys to be sanitized. You don’t have to use any other cleaning products or chemicals – boiling water will do the trick.

You will need to pay attention on how you handle your toys after sanitizing. It’s vital not to contaminate them, so make sure that your hands are clean. It’s advisable to use rubber gloves when handling sanitized toys. You will need to let the toy cool after sanitizing, so make sure to use a clean towel for this.

After use, you need to clean your toys even if you don’t sanitize them in boiling water. Make sure to wash the toy, preferably with anti-bacterial soap and water. Some people also like to clean the toy with alcohol. Whatever you do, keep in mind that you will need to let the toy dry before you store it and that you will need to sanitize it before the next use.

How to Store Metal Toys

Another thing you need to know is how to store your toys properly when they are not in use. Keep in mind that only clean, dry toys can be stored, so never skip cleaning and drying! This step may seem like too much work after a sensual, orgasmic play but it’s vital to ensure your safety and longevity of your toys.

After you clean your toys, leave them to dry. It is ok to leave them to air dry – these will not make them properly sanitized but it’s good for storing them. You will need to clean and sanitize them before the next use anyway. If air drying takes too much time or if you do not want to leave your toys around the house, you can use a soft, clean towel.

When rubbing your toys make sure to use a soft towel or a similar material. Luckily, metal is not a porous material so it’s not easy to make tears on the surface. However, you can make tiny scratches that will destroy the smooth finish of your metal toy. You need to prevent this from happening, so do not be too harsh.

After the toy is dry, store it somewhere safe, preferably away from light, heat and extreme cold. Metal is a durable material but you should still be careful. Ideally, you should store your toys in their original packaging, if it includes a handy box or a pouch. Most sex toys come with a handy way to store them, so never throw it away. Use it to store your toys between uses.

If you don’t have the original packaging, don’t worry. Metal toys are not so difficult to store. A pouch made of clothes or even a sock can be a good way to store your toy, but make sure to use a clean cloth. Also, you may store your toys in plain cardboard boxes.

If your toy has batteries, make sure to remove them before you store the toy. It’s a good practice, even if you plan on using the toy in near future.

Additional Advice

  • In order to ensure safety, it is not enough to clean your toys. Everything that comes in touch with your body: your hands, your partner’s body, lube – it all has to be clean and sanitized. There is no use in cleaning your toys if you touch them with dirty hands!
  • Make sure to clean your toys after each use. It may seem unnecessary, since you will need to clean them before the next use, but it’s not so. You need to remove lube and any bodily fluids from the toy before you store it. While toys do not have to be fully sterilized after use, they need to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Some specialized sex toy cleaners are good for taking care of your metal toys, but you need to check. Make sure that the cleaner is suitable for use on metal toys. Even with this, sterilization is always the best way to go.
  • Always store your toys between use, even if you plan on using them soon.
  • Never store different toys together, unless the manufacturer allows. Some materials, such as silicone, rubber and latex react badly when they come in touch with each other. It will make the toys to melt and stick together. If you store them together with your metal toys the sticky material will get to the metal, which may be difficult to clean.
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