How to Choose the Best Metal Teardrop Cockring

metal teardrop cockring

Teardrop Tickler Cock Ring

Cockrings are amazing and powerful sex toys that can enhance the experience for both partners. These penis rings can make the erection harder and penis more sensitive. As a result, sex feels more intense and pleasurable for both partners. This is why cock rings of all types are so popular. However, some models can take the experience to a completely different level. A metal teardrop cockring is a perfect toy that adds that something extra to your experience.

The Design of a Metal Teardrop Cockring

A metal teardrop cockring is very similar to other penis rings in many ways. Just like a regular cock ring, this one goes around the base of the penis and make the erection harder and more powerful. A teardrop cock ring can truly enhance the experience for the wearer because it makes the erection so much more powerful and penis more sensitive. This results in an incredibly intense experience.

However, this is more than just an ordinary cock ring. While all proper penis rings can enhance the experience for the wearer’s partner simply by making the penis harder, a metal teardrop cockring goes one step further to ensure a partner’s pleasure.

Unlike a regular, round cock ring, this one is shaped like a teardrop. It includes a tapered tip as part of its design. The tip is there to enhance the experience for both partners during intercourse. The teardrop tip can nicely rub against a woman’s clitoris during sex, making the experience more intense. It can also rub against a partner’s perineum during anal sex, so it can work great for male-male intercourse as well.

This nice addition to a regular cock ring design makes teardrop cock rings more powerful so it is not surprising that these sex toys are so popular. If you want to make your partner moan in pleasure, a teardrop cock ring is a great way to go.

It Also Works for the Wearer

A great thing about a metal teardrop cockring is that it can work wonders on the wearer, too. In addition to making the erection harder and more powerful, the teardrop tip can enhance pleasure for the wearer, too.

Depending on how you turn the ring, this teardrop tip can be used to massage a wearer’s testicles and other sensitive parts. It means that this powerful cock ring can enhance the experience even during solo play.

If you like to stimulate many different sensitive spots during sex or masturbation, a handy toy such as a metal teardrop cockring is a great way to go.

Choosing the Best Metal Teardrop Cockring

There are many different types of teardrop cock rings you may use. When choosing the best one for you needs, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Metal cock rings are the best.

    If you need intensity, make sure to go with a metal teardrop cockring. While flexible cock rings can be great, metal ones provide the most intensity.

  • Choose the right size.

    With a cock ring, proper size is everything. Make sure to choose a cock ring that is not too small so it constrict the blood flow but also not too big to slip out easily.

  • Get the most versatile one. A great thing about a teardrop cock ring is that it can provide many different sensations. It is best to choose one that you can position in many different ways. The tickler has to be able to go up and down and possibly in many other directions. This way, it will provide many different sensations for you and your partner to enjoy.


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