How to Choose Extreme Chastity Devices

Extreme Chastity DevicesMale chastity is an activity that many couples want to try. While it is still not as popular as some other sexual activities among couples, it is important to say that there are many people who engage in male chastity play. This is why there are so many different male chastity cages, penis chastity devices and other items specially designed for male chastity. One of the first things many people want to know about male chastity is how painful and uncomfortable it is. For many people, it is important that male chastity devices are comfortable. However, there are also people who want to use male chastity for CBT (cock and ball torture) and other extreme sensations. These people need extreme chastity devices to fulfill their fantasies.

Extreme chastity devices exist and if it is your goal to get a super-powerful penis cage, you can sure find one. While male chastity cages are generally made for comfort, it is still possible to achieve more intense and extreme sensations with a certain type of a device.

Tips for Choosing Extreme Chastity Devices

Here are some tips on how to choose extreme chastity devices for all your BDSM and CBT needs:

  • Know what you want. It is important to know what kind of sensations and activities you wish to achieve with your toy. This is the best way to choose a good chastity device for your needs.
  • Be informed. Learn more about chastity play and various types of penis cages. Compare the ordinary ones with the more extreme devices to know what kind of toy will be the best option for you and your partner.
  • Adjustable toys are good. It is best to pick a chastity device you can adjust. Adjusting pressure, strength and pain level is very important for any BDSM play. Such a device will be safe and you can use it in many different ways.
  • Screws and spikes for intensity. Many extreme chastity devices include screws, spikes and other additional features for intensity. If you want a truly powerful device, you will choose one that has a powerful feature such as screws.

Extreme Chastity Devices We Offer

If you wish to engage in BDSM and other super intense types of male chastity play, here are some extreme chastity devices and toys you can use:

Sadistic Spike Penis Head Wand Chastity Device

Sadistic Spike Penis Head Wand Chastity Device  is a powerful tool ideal for those who prefer extreme sensations. This is a perfect toy for those who want to explore the pleasurable side of pain and engage in some extreme play with their partner.

This chastity cage is adjustable so you can make it suit your own needs and sensation level that you wish to experience. The toy includes a penis plug with a special cock ring that has spikes. The spikes provide intense sensations and just the right type of painful pleasures that you crave.

Extreme Steel Sadistic Cock Head Wand with Chastity Device

Extreme Steel Sadistic Cock Head Wand with Chastity Device is a powerful toy ideal for all BDSM enthusiasts. This is a perfect tool for all those who want to take extreme play to a new level. This is a super-intense toy ideal for all fans of CBT and other extreme sensations. If you want to experience painful pleasures, this chastity device is the right choice for you.

This device includes a ribbed plug that is hollow so all the fluids can easily pass through. It also includes a powerful cock ring made for painful pleasures. This is a sturdy device ideal for all your CBT needs. It is a great toy for those who want to explore extreme chastity play.

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