How to Calculate New Gauge for a Stretched Piercing?

Large Gauge Jewelry

I can fit a 10ga. and 2 14ga. Jewelry in my prince Albert piercing what ga. would that be?

~ Andy

It is always important to know the size of your piercing, because it determines jewelry size you should wear. While it’s possible to combine several different jewelry pieces inside of the same piercing hole, it is always better to go with one jewelry piece. When calculating your piercing gauge, it is important to know how sizes correspond to actual diameters.

What is a Resulting Gauge?

Each piercing and jewelry gauge refer to a thickness or diameter. This is the diameter of your piercing hole, and this is the diameter of your jewelry. It tells how thick your jewelry is so it can fit into a hole of the appropriate size. Needless to say, in order for a jewelry piece to fit perfectly, it has to have the same thickness as the diameter of the piercing hole.

What we know as “gauge” is just one unit of measurement. Each gauge corresponds to specific thickness in millimeters or inches. You can get the resulting thickness by adding thickness in millimeters or inches of all the jewelry pieces you can insert into the piercing hole. Please note that this is not a perfect method: sometimes, combined jewelry pieces can sit at an angle inside of the piercing hole, and they can overlap slightly. This can give you a false idea of your resulting gauge.

However, if you don’t have any other frame of reference, this approach might give you a broad idea of your current piercing size. Remember, you will still need to confirm this size and to be ready to try jewelry pieces of different sizes to find the one that fits perfectly. Calculating your gauge based on jewelry sizes you can insert into your piercing should only be the first step.

In the example above, keep in mind that 14 ga is around 1.628 mm (0.064″), and a 10 ga is around 2.588 mm (0.102″). Combined, they give thickness of 5.844 mm (0.23″). According to a piercing size chart, this falls somewhere between 4 ga and 2 ga size.

However, these sizes can depend on the material used. For example, there are certain 4 gauge pierces that are 5.844 mm thick, so they might fit you. Again, it is important to understand that these calculations just give you a broad idea on what you have so you know the size you should try first. The calculations do not guarantee that a jewelry piece of a specific size will fit you.

If Calculating is Not Possible

In many cases, it might not be immediately possible to calculate your piercing gauge because you might not have a gauge wheel or conversion table at hand. For these reasons, it is important to keep track on your stretching process.

Whenever you wish to stretch your piercing, make sure to only go one side up at a time. For example, if you stretch from a 10 ga piercing, make sure to stretch only to 8 ga at a time. Only when your body recovers you can stretch it further to larger sizes.

This is a good advice for many piercings, but it might not work for all piercing types equally. Some piercings, such as numerous male genital piercings, including Prince Albert piercing, can stretch easily without your control. A PA piercing will quickly stretch even if you don’t want it to. This is how you can end up in a situation in which you are unsure of your current gauge. It can pose numerous problems when choosing Prince Albert jewelry.

To avoid these issues, it is handy to have a gauge wheel or a conversion chart at hand. If it’s not possible to tell using these tools, it is best to visit your piercer. They can examine your piercing and determine your current size.

Also, even with the help of charts and other tools, make sure to proceed carefully. Once you get your resulting size, get a jewelry of that gauge and try it on. Be careful to note any discomforts and other warning signs that would point out at the size not being correct. If the jewelry seems too loose, you will need a bit bigger gauge. If it’s too tight, or if it poses discomfort and unwanted stretching, do try one size smaller. It is always important to wear only jewelry that fits your piercing. That is the only way to avoid injuries and other problems with your body piercings.

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