How to Avoid Nipple Ring Smell?

Nipple Ring SmellNipple rings are amazing jewelry pieces that can look both sexy and stylish. For many people, this is a piece of jewelry that is reserved only for the partner’s eyes, although others prefer to display their nipple jewelry pieces to the world. Whatever your style of presentation may be, it is undeniable that nipple piercings are powerful in many ways. This is why it’s so important to keep them healthy and problem-free. One of the main issues people get with their nipple jewelry is nipple ring smell. This can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. Luckily, there are some things you can do to remedy this problem.

What Causes Nipple Ring Smell?

What is important to understand about nipple ring smell is that it doesn’t come from the ring itself. Instead, it’s the piercing that is getting smelly. It means that there is some sort of a problem with the piercing that you need to remedy.

Luckily, these problems are typically not serious. Generally, the smell comes from the sebum, a substance that is secreted in the skin. This is a common problem for ear piercings and often not so much for nipple piercings, but it happens. It easily mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria. This mix results in bad smell coming from a piercing. It can affect nipple piercings just like almost any other type of piercing.

In a rare case where the rings itself is smelling, it is a result of cheap jewelry and bad materials. Certain cheap materials are easily torn or can get dirty quickly, which can make the jewelry piece very smelly.

Also, keep in mind that your nipple ring smell may come from the lack of cleaning. You need to clean your nipple jewelry regularly to keep it safe and beautiful. Even the most expensive nipple ring and the highest-quality piercing jewelry will become smelly if you don’t clean them.

How to Get Rid of Nipple Ring Smell

The best way to get rid of nipple ring smell is to clean your piercing regularly. Keep in mind that bad smell is typically not a sign of a huge problem. In many cases, this is a normal state of a piercing if you fail to clean it for a few days.

However, this can get worse and accumulate more bacteria, which can lead to even more problems. To avoid this, and to prevent the bad smell, it is important to clean your piercing regularly. This can be done through showering, but make sure to clean your nipples.

It is also good to regularly remove your nipple rings to clean the nipple and the piercing hole fully. Also, use this opportunity to clean the jewelry piece itself. Just make sure to put the ring back on as soon as you are done to prevent the piercing hole shrinking.

Remember, smelly piercings are typically not a huge concern, though you sure want to avoid this situation. However, if you notice the smell getting worse despite cleaning, or if you notice additional problems, such as swelling, discharge, pain or other issues, it would be for the best to consult your doctor.

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