How Painful Are Piercings?

How Painful Are PiercingsOne might be surprised to learn that there are so many people who want a piercing but are scared of pain. Some people assume that all those who are into piercings are also into pain, but nothing can be further from the truth. While pain can be part of the experience and while some pain is more or less unavoidable, it is important to remember that piercing procedures are generally not as painful as they seem. How painful are piercings, anyway?

Piercings and Pain

Many people assume that piercings are very painful. This may seem logical, since piercings typically involve the use of needles but without anesthetics. One of the basic things about piercing procedures that you need to know is that piercers prefer to perform them without much anesthetics. Clients should not use their own anesthetics, either. Doing this can be very dangerous so make sure to avoid it! This also goes for “folk medicines” such as alcohol and drugs. Make sure to stay away from all of these things.

Why not anesthetics? This is mainly a precaution and has a lot to do with safety. You need to be able to feel and tell piercer if the placement is appropriate. Piercings should never go through major blood vessels or other sensitive tissue and you need to be responsive enough so the piercer can tell if the piercing has a proper placement and if everything goes alright.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to go through excruciating pain if you want to get a piercing. Skillful piercers perform their piercings quickly and with minimum discomfort for the client. Contrary to the popular belief, piercings are not about the pain. While there are some people who enjoy pain and who see piercings as rites of passage, you don’t have to be super hardcore to go through piercing procedures. In fact, there are many people who are scared of pain but manage to go through piercings without much problems.

It is always helpful to inform yourself and to know how painful are piercings. It is also vital to find a piercer with plenty of experience so there is minimum discomfort during the procedure. These are the best ways to minimize the pain and fear during piercing procedure.

How Painful Are Piercings: The Answer

You might be ready to face a piercing procedure but still wonder how painful piercings are. What is the truth? The good news is that piercings are not as painful as they seem. Even some of the so-called “complex” piercings only look extreme while in reality they don’t cause much discomfort. Even some genital piercings are surprisingly painless. Prince Albert piercing, for example, doesn’t cause much pain at all.

Does this mean that piercings are painless? It is important to be realistic. The answer here is: no. Piercings are not virtually painless. You have to be prepared to feel them and chances are that they will sting a little. There are some piercings that are almost painless to the point of not even knowing if the piercer is doing anything, but these are extremely rare. For all other piercings, yes, there will be some pain.

The good news is that this is not as traumatic as you may think. With the exception of some very extreme piercings, most piercings cause only momentary discomfort. A skillful piercer can do it quickly and with minimum damage to the tissue. It means that you will feel a stinging or burning sensation for a moment and then it’s over.

Well, in a way. Once the piercing procedure is over you don’t have to fear needless and that sort of pain. However, keep in mind that the initial healing time can be painful. This is where most piercings hurt – hours after you are done with the procedure and the wound starts healing. You should not be scared of this but it is important to be prepared. This is where you should take a painkiller to make it easier.

Interestingly enough, most people are not scared of this sort of pain and would rather have that than pain during procedure. The good news is that pain during procedure is short and typically not as bad as people fear so it doesn’t cause too much of discomfort.

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