How many Types of Rings are there?

Piercing_JewelryThere are many different types of rings you can use for your piercings. A lot will depend on the type of piercing you have and your personal preferences, but it is important to know that many ring types can be used for different piercing types.

Also, it is often true that if one ring type is suitable for your piercing, so can others be. In other words, the type of rings used will largely depend on your preferences and desired effect and not so much on the piercing type. It means that you can wear different types of rings in your piercing, as long as the piercing in question can accommodate rings.

The Main Ring Types

There are several ring types used for body piercings:

  • Captive Bead Rings. By far the most common ring types used for body piercings. They are so common that many people associate them with piercing jewelry in general. It is not uncommon to hear people say “nipple rings” or “ear rings” while they mean on jewelry in general. Captive Bead Rings (CBR) are typically oval and have a small bead used to close the ring and keep it in place. The bead can be popped in and out to open and close the ring. Many of these rings have decorated beads with gems.
  • Screwball Rings. These are similar to the CBR but with one major difference: the bead is screwed to one side of the ring. It means that it’s more difficult to lose your bead. This makes Screwball Rings more convenient, especially for people who lose their beads easily.
  • Fixed Rings. These rings provide yet another level of security when it comes to beads. These rings have beads permanently fixed to the ring so they are impossible to be lost. Fixed Rings are a good choice for those who do not want to lose their beads in any way.
  • Segment and Seamless rings. These rings do not have a bead. Instead, they are made of segments that fit nicely into each other to create a perfect circle. Segment and Seamless rings are considered the most attractive because of their seamless design. There is also no bead to worry about but you need to make sure not to lose the segments of the ring.

Which Ring is the Right for Me?

You should decide which ring is the best choice for you based on numerous parameters, such as your comfort level, desired effect and aesthetics. A lot of time, all rings can accommodate the same piercing, as long as the piercing itself is such to allow for rings as a jewelry. Many piercing types do allow rings but they may be some that call for different jewelry types.

When deciding on the right ring for yourself, as these things:

  • How easy do I want to insert it? Some rings are much easier to open and close than the others. In this case, go with the one that is easiest. CBR can be sometimes difficult to open and close, so this is why you should use ring opening and closing pliers.
  • What about the bead? Beads are among the main reasons for choosing or not choosing a ring. CBR are beautiful but there is always a risk that you may lose a bead. If you feel you are the person who can lose a bead easily, then opt for a fixed or a screwball ring instead.
  • Do I want a more seamless look? Rings with beads, such as Captive Bead Rings, screwball rings and fixed rings are gorgeous, but they don’t provide a perfectly seamless look. If you want a pure loop without a bead in your piercing, opt for a seamless or segment ring. Keep in mind, however, that segment rings consist of segments and you will need to take care of them. If you are scared of losing the bead with a CBR there is always a risk to lose a segment with your segment ring, so this is something to keep in mind.
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