How Long to Wait Between Ball Stretching Sessions?

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I have been stretching for two years now with your metal weights. When you say you should take them off periodically, how long is that? One day, one week? I have worn them several days and sometimes weeks without taking them off. [Weight]: I am wearing 21/2 lbs on a constant basis working my way up to 3lbs.Is this too much weight? I measure 5 inches from the top of my scrotum to the bottom. What would be a good regiment to follow as far as how long to wear them and how long to take them off? Thanks for any advice.

Ball stretching can lead to amazing results but it’s also an activity that puts a lot of pressure on your scrotum. It puts a strain on your body so it is important to allow it to recover between sessions. Many seasoned users love to wear their ball stretchers almost constantly but it is important to take care of your body and allow it to rest between sessions.

One important thing you need to know is how long to wait between ball stretching sessions. How long do you have to give your body to recover?

How Long to Wait Between Ball Stretching Sessions: Overview

Ball StretchingKnowing that you need to take a break between sessions is not the same as knowing how often to take the break. Unfortunately, there are no strict rules on it, either. The best thing to say is that you need to take a break when your body needs time to recover. Depending on your anatomy and ball stretchers you use, this break can happen every few hours or days. Some people prefer to wear their ball stretchers for weeks or almost permanently. Many do manage to do this without any problems.

Good ball stretchers are designed to be comfortable and safe. It means that they don’t hurt the scrotum and testicles. As such, they are okay to wear for long periods of time. Of course, if the user feels any pain, numbness, swelling, prolonged discomfort and another problem, he should take their ball stretchers off immediately.

But what if you don’t experience problems? How long to wait between ball stretching sessions? As noted above, there are many people who wear their stretchers almost on a permanent basis. Wearing your ball stretchers for days and weeks is also not unusual, particularly among users with more experience.

Beginner users, however, are highly advised to take their stretchers off more. While you can wear your ball weights for hours or even days, it is useful to take them off once in a while, just to let your body recover a bit. However, if you don’t experience any trouble even after long-term wear, you can take them off less. Just make sure to give your body some time to relax. Another way to make it easier on your body is to periodically wear lighter weights.

As usual, this is just a generalized advice. In order to be sure there is nothing wrong going on, it is best to visit a kink-friendly doctor who can tell you if there are any underlying issues and problems. Also, if you ever experience any pain and other problems, make sure to take your stretchers immediately and to seek medical attention straight away.

What is Appropriate Weight?

Another thing to know is what’s too much in terms of weight. It is important to know that again, there are no universal answers. What works for one person might be too much for the other. Yes, this sounds too vague but it is the only way to go.

When it comes to introducing additional weight, it is important to go slowly and carefully. Never jump between weights and increase it carefully. It is a good idea to slowly build your way up. The best way to know if it’s too much is if you feel too much pressure on your scrotum. The main danger of too heavy weights is that they can damage your ligaments and slow down your ball stretching process. As long as you go slowly and carefully, you should be fine. However, to stay on the safe side, it’s always best to talk to a kink-friendly doctor and to truly take your time before introducing new weights.

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3 thoughts on “How Long to Wait Between Ball Stretching Sessions?

  1. I start out with a lighter weight for about 4-6 hrs then I advance to a heavier weight.
    For whatever reason I get more horny that longer I have on the dual weights. I have erectile dysfunction so this helps with that. Do any of you get your weight up to 2 lbs.

  2. I’ve found that smoking my Medical Marijuana (to relieve severe pain from Peripheral Neuropathy), also causes the Cremaster muscle to relax: :

    – The testicles naturally descend, as the Cremaster muscle relaxes its hold on the scrotum
    – It’s easier to put on the Ball Stretcher, get a stretching session underway.
    Maybe it’s already common knowledge about this effect on the scrotum & testicles rom smoking some stains of marijuana.
    But to ME….it’s new knowledge…..

    Be well,
    Gary in NH

  3. I am also stretching my balls for several years now. I weare my metal stretcher regular, several days a week. If it itches to much after some days I removed the ballstretcher, to have a pause. A day later I put them on. Its a great feeling to have it attached on my scrotum again. My sack has lowered about 2 inches, not a great result by my balls are dangling nice when my sack is warmed up. I will continue ballstretching because it feels so good!

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