How Long is a Normal Sounding Rod?

How Long is a Normal Sounding RodThere are many different types of urethral toys you can try for pleasure. From short cock stoppers and penis plugs to extra-large urethral sounds, all fans of urethral stimulation can find the right toy for their needs. If you are only starting out, it is important to know how to differentiate between those long and short urethral toys.

How Long is a Normal Sounding Rod: The Explanation

How long is a normal sounding rod? To answer this question, it is important to understand that there are many different types of sounding rods you can try. A “sounding rod” can be any urethral toy, from a smaller penis plug to a huge and massive urethral sound. Typically, people call only sounds “sounding rods” but things get more complicated because there are also many long penis plugs that resemble rods. Not to mention some special urethral toys, such as Prince’s Wands and the like.

So, a sounding rod can be basically any urethral toy, although the name implies a rod-like toy. So, very small and short toys, such as cock stoppers and penis plugs are typically not counted as sounding rods. This is important to understand, because these small toys are among the shortest of them all. Many of them offer only an inch or two of insertable length. This can be very exciting and it serves a specific purpose, but this is by all means not a standard length of a urethral toy.

So, how long is a normal sounding rod? A normal sounding rod is a urethral sound, penis plug or another toy that is significantly longer than it is thick. It means that even the thickest of them all will be much longer than their diameter. These rods are ideal for deeper urethral play and prostate massage, although you can use them for “regular” urethral sounding, too (the one that does not go deeper than the base of the penis.) 

The Standard Length of a Urethral Rod

There is no one specific, standard length of a urethral rod. However, there are some average sizes that you need to keep in mind if you are looking for the best sounding toy for your needs.

Sounding rods come in many different sizes, ranging from 3-4 inches to over 12 inches in length. This would make an average sounding rod at about 7 to 8 inches in length. However, sounds of this length are considered long, and not average.

The average size is a bit smaller, around 6 to 7 inches. Many urethral sounds and other rods you can find, will be about this size. Anything an inch smaller or an inch bigger still counts as this common size. However, there are also very small toys (smaller than 4 inches in length) and also super-long ones, that are over 10 inches in length.

As you can see, urethral toys and sounding rods come in many different sizes. In order to enjoy urethral play, you need to discover which size works for you the best.

Happy sounding!

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