How Long Does a Christina Piercing Hurt?

Christina PiercingThere are many beautiful female genital piercings. Christina piercing is sure one of the most attractive ones: a piercing on the pubic mound and it truly makes the areas stand out. While it is not a functional piercing (it does not enhance sexual pleasure), Christina piercing is very attractive. It is therefore not surprising that many women choose to have this piercing done on their pubic mound.

That being said, Christina piercing can be tricky. It is a relatively long piercing, so the procedure often hurts. The healing time is also not pleasant. Also, since this is a surface piercing, it is not really permanent. Christina piercing has a very high rate of rejection.

At the same time, this piercing is so beautiful that many women choose it despite all the possible problems and risks. Those who wish to have this piercing done often wonder how long does a Christina piercing hurt and how to take care of this sensitive piercing.

 How Long Does a Christina Piercing Hurt: Overview

As noted above, Christina piercing can be very sensitive. Piercers perform it on a relatively thick tissue spot and the piercing itself is long. It means that the procedure itself is often more painful than anticipated. At the same time, there are many people with this piercing who claim that it’s not more painful than some ear piercings. In fact, many people claim that Christina piercing is less painful than ear cartilage piercings! Also, the initial pain doesn’t last long so this should not be your main worry when deciding whether to get a Christina piercing.

What you do need to think about is the pain afterwards. The healing time can be tricky for this piercing, since the spot is often snagged on clothes. Migration, rejection and other problems are common with this piercing type. Also, you have to be very careful not to hurt or injure your Christina piercing in healing.

Many women claim that Christina piercings are tender during the healing time, especially in the first week or two. However, all of this depends on the person. Some people have piercings that heal faster than the others. Since pain is usually related to healing, it means that some people will have pain that lasts shorter than average, while others will experience a longer pain resulting from their Christina piercing.

Christina Piercing and Pain

So, how long does a Christina piercing hurt? There is no one, universal answer to this question. Generally speaking, it hurts during the initial healing. However, it is not always easy to tell how long this initial healing will last. Some people have pain only in the first week, while others feel discomfort for several weeks, or longer. There are some lucky people who don’t really have any pain except for the procedure, so this is all individual. Keep in mind that your Christina piercing may hurt even after the healing period, in case you hurt it or if it starts rejecting.

The good news is that the pain is usually not too bad. For most people, it will diminish or completely go away after the first week or so. Many people believe that it’s worth it: after all, Christina piercing is very attractive and many women enjoy it to the fullest. Just make sure to perform adequate aftercare and do your best not to hurt your Christina piercing during healing. This is the best thing you can do to prevent pain, injuries and other problems.

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