How Lifestyle Affects Body Piercings and the Healing Process

Healing time and healing processes of different body piercings are different. While some heal in a matter of 2-3 weeks, some others might take as much as 8-10 months. Proper care during the healing period can speed up the process and also keep infections and allergies at bay.

Right from the time you get a piercing to the time it actually heals, most of the things you do everyday will affect it. Taking care of a fresh piercing is not just cleaning it and not touching it, you may have to make some serious lifestyle changes. Let’s look at a few of these:

• Clean the fresh piercing 2-3 times a day with a non-harsh antiseptic and a soft cotton wool. Make sure you do not over clean as it can make the skin raw and irritate the piercing unnecessarily.

• Always wash your hands before touching the piercing. Make sure that your nails are short and there is no dirt harboring between them. Dirty hands and nails are one of the biggest reasons for an infected piercing.

• Ensure that you wear comfortable clothes which do not stick to your body piercings. When the piercing is fresh, it should be touched as less as possible. Tight clothes irritate piercings all the time and cause them to turn an angry red, ooze and/or bleed.

• Shower instead of taking a bath for the initial few weeks. Bath tubs tend to harbor bacteria. If you prefer baths anyways, make sure that you clean the tub properly before every bath.

• Choose your jewelry very carefully and do not attempt to change it until the healing process is complete. Remember, a piercing which looks healed is not necessarily healed. Touching a semi healed piercing can lead to oozing and then, you will be back to square one! Ask your piercer about the healing period and follow his instructions properly. Also, try and get the first jewelry change from a professional (preferably, your piercer).

• Genital and oral piercings require extra care and major lifestyle changes. Sexual activity, any open-mouth kissing and oral sex should be avoided as these can lead to infection, increased swelling and irritation of the piercing.

• Stay healthy! Sleep well and eat a nutritious diet. The healthier your lifestyle, the easier the healing period will be. Exercising during the healing period is fine; just don’t stretch your body’s limits.

Your lifestyle is a definite determinant of how well and how quick your body piercing will heal. A healthy lifestyle, proper clothing and precautions ensure that the piercing heals well and stays healthy and flaunt worthy!

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