How is Length Measured on Bent Barbells?

Bent BarbellsIn order to be completely happy with your body jewelry, it is important to get proper jewelry size. This goes both for the gauge (thickness of jewelry) and length. While everybody knows about the importance of proper gauge, length can be somewhat of a mystery. There are many different types of barbells, so how do you measure their length? It may be easy in the case of straight barbells, but what about the other ones? How is length measured on bent barbells?

Barbells and Lengths 

Barbells are among the most popular body jewelry pieces. There are many different types of barbells you can use for many piercings. In fact, almost all piercing types can use barbells as jewelry. However, it is important to know just the kind of a barbell you should use for each piercing. While some can use several types of barbells, many piercings can only use one. This is why it’s important to know when to use straight barbells and when to use bent barbells.

Bent barbells are generally those with a curve, so they are better known as curved barbells. Another type of a barbell is a circular barbell. This barbell is round and resembles a horse shoe. There are also special types of barbells, such as spiral barbells.

Measuring a barbell length is important, because you need to find jewelry that will fit your specific piercing and your anatomy. However, not all people know how to do that or how to tell if a specific barbell is of a good size for their needs.

When it comes to straight barbells, measuring length is not difficult. You simply take the distance between the beads of the barbell. So, you do not count beads in the overall length, just the space between them. This is basically the length of the shaft.

Measuring this size is easy when the shaft is straight, which is the case for straight barbells. However, it may not be so obvious in the case of curved barbells. How do you measure length in this case?

Bent Barbells Length: How to Measure

When it comes to bent barbells (curved barbells), it is important to remember that the same general principle stands. You measure the length between the beads. Remember: you should never include beads in the length of the barbell because they may come in different sizes. Some curved barbells have very small beads (microbeads), while others have large ones. Both can go on barbells of the same lengths. The beads do not determine the length of the barbell so you should not measure them.

To measure the length of bent barbells, you use the same principle as for straight barbells: you measure the distance between the beads. It means the distance between the inner sides of the beads. However, it is important to measure only a straight line. Instead of measuring the curve of a bent barbell, simply measure a straight line between the beads, across the center.

Sure, this will not measure the entire length of the shaft, since it has a curve. That is okay. You don’t really need to take the curve into account because the straight distance between beads is what matters. This distance is what determines the length of the barbells and the portion of jewelry that goes inside of the piercing hole. A lot will depend on the length of the piercing itself so it is important to find a matching barbell. This length basically means “how far apart beads need to be”, so the curve of the barbell does not factor into it. Of course, the curve is important for other things but it does not include the length of the barbell. Simply measure a straight line between the inner sides of the beads to get the length of a bent barbell.

By the way, the length of a circular barbell will be measured in a similar way. However, it is not really a length, it is diameter. To get a diameter of a circular barbell, simply measure a straight line across the center of the barbell. Make sure to measure only inside of the circle and not the outside of the barbell to get the right diameter.

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