How Far Can You Sound Down Your Penis?

How Far Can You Sound Down Your PenisOne of the best things about urethral sounding is that it offers so many new sensations you can experience. Some people like the feeling of cumming with a urethral toy inside. Others love to be all filled up. There are also people who prefer urethral play that goes very deep. But how far can you sound down your penis?

How Far Can You Sound Down Your Penis: The Answer

How far can you sound down your penis? This is something that many fans of urethral play wonder. Beginner users are particularly curious about this, be it for safety reasons or to learn more about the exciting things that await for them.

The truth is that you can sound very, very far and very deep. Technically, it is not correct to ask “how far can you sound down your penis” but “up your penis”. Remember, the pee hole on the top of the penis head is actually the end and not the beginning of the urethra. So, technically, you are sounding up the urethra. The deeper you go, the closer you are to the beginning of your urethra.

So, where does it start? It is useful to know a bit of anatomy here. The urethra starts at the end of the bladder – it is a canal that carries the urine away from the body. In men, the urethra also goes through the prostate and it carries semen outside of the body during ejaculation.

When you insert a urethral toy through the pee hole, you are going through this canal in reverse. It means that if you go deep enough, you can reach the prostate or even bladder. Indeed, some people like this sort of deep urethral play. However, it does not mean that it is a good thing for everyone.

Should Your Sound Deep?

Now that you know how far can you sound down your penis, the question is: should you? Should you insert your urethral toys so deep that they reach the prostate or, even more extreme, the bladder?

Well, it is important to know that deep urethral sounding is a thing that many people like. If you love the feeling of inserting your toys deep, you may try to reach the prostate for massage. However, keep in mind that this is an expert thing to do so you need to build your sounding skills and experience. Even then, it is definitely not for everyone.

Another issue is whether you should go any deeper than that. There are some people who prefer to insert their sounds into the prostate, which is not all users who enjoy deep urethral play do. However, these people like such a way to stimulate the prostate so this is not so unusual.

Finally, there are those rare people who like to go all the way to the bladder or even into the bladder. This is an extreme form of urethral stimulation and intense urethral play that many users find just too overwhelming. It can be painful and it carries more risks than ordinary urethral sounding. However, if you truly enjoy deep and intense urethral play and if you like extreme forms of sensations, this might be for you. However, keep in mind that it takes a lot of time and skill to get there so do not attempt this if you are only a beginner.

What about Women?

Keep in mind that men are not the only ones who like urethral play. There are many ladies who love the feeling of urethral stimulation. So, how deep can they go? Technically, as deep as men – all the way to the bladder. However, since female urethra is much shorter, this is not really deep. Even the shortest urethral toy can reach it.

Again, keep in mind that bladder sounding is an extreme form of urethral play and it is not for everyone. It may be too intense and even painful for many users. To prevent this problem, make sure to never insert your toys too deep into the urethra.

Happy sounding!

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  1. I love BIG rods down my penis…currently do 16MM almost daily and enjoy the hell out of this…my question is, what is the best way to sanitize the sounds to avoid UTI’s? Don’t want to buy an autoclave…don’t want to take the time to boil my rods as when I am in the mood, I need to stuff my cock NOW…suggestions?

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