How far Can You Insert things Down Pee Hole?

Penis PlugsPeople interested in urethral stimulation often wish to know how deep they can actually go. There is no easy answer to this. A lot will depend on your experience, preferences and urethral toys you use. Deep urethral stimulation is one of the most intense types of urethral play but you need to know what you are doing. This is not an activity for beginners.

If you are a newbie to urethral stimulation you may wonder about deep urethral stimulation. How far can you insert things down pee hole? How far is safe? How to prevent your urethral toys from going too deep? These are some very important questions you need to think about.

How Far Can You Insert Things Down Pee Hole: Overview

As you probably know, urethra opens to the outside and this is where urine is expelled from the body. The same hole (pee hole) is the one where semen goes through so it is the hole for ejaculation, too. Women, of course, use their pee hole for urination only.

The pee hole is actually the end and not the beginning of the urethra. When you insert toys into the pee hole you are actually inserting them up the urethral canal (even though it seems like you are going down). Inserting urethral toys mans that you will have an object inside your urethra. Since urethra is very sensitive this activity is pleasurable to many people. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many fans of urethral stimulation. Both men and women can enjoy urethral play, even though female urethra is much shorter than male urethra.

So, how far can you go? In theory, a toy can go all the way up (down) the urethra. In the case of a penis, the toy enters through the pee hole and can go down to the base of the penis and even further: to the prostate, then inside the prostate and all the way to the bladder.

In other words, you can go as far as the bladder. This is the deepest urethral toys can go. However, this is a very extreme form of urethral stimulation and is not good for everyone.

Women don’t have a prostate so their urethra goes straight to the bladder. Since female urethra is short you can reach bladder easily. Again, this is an extreme form of urethral play that most people don’t want to experience. For this reason, both men and women should be very careful about how deep they insert their urethral toys.

How Deep to Go?

While in theory men can insert their urethral toys all the way to the bladder, it doesn’t happen so often in reality. The first reason is that not all urethral toys are long enough for this. While most urethral toys (urethral sounds) can go as deep as the base of the penis or even prostate, not all are long enough to reach the bladder. This is why those interested in super-deep and extreme urethral stimulation need to choose special toys.

Another reason is that bladder stimulation is an extreme form of urethral play that only the most experienced users should attempt. Even then, there are many of those who simply find the feeling too intense or uncomfortable. While there are fans of bladder massage it is important to note that there are also many people who don’t like it.

Also, bladder massage is an activity that brings even more risks than ordinary urethral stimulation. Think about this before you attempt it. If you wish to go this deep make sure to consult a kink-friendly doctor first to see if it’s safe for you to attempt this activity.

All people who practice urethral play should know their limit. Do not go deeper than you are comfortable with. If you want to go deep make sure to build your experience slowly and to practice a lot. Deep urethral stimulation can’t happen overnight. This is particularly true for those who wish to try extra-deep urethral stimulation. It takes a lot of time and patience to get there.

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  1. A Hegar Dilator is 19 cm long, at 17 cm the prostate gland starts. The 19 cm I can easily introduce. The kink to the bladder only begins then. For safety you can hold the penis downwards, then the dilator goes completely pure. I do this with an 11.5 mm diameter. But you need exercise, 5 mm is certainly no problem. Above all, you should sterilize the rod with alcohol or similar and use xylocaine Gel 2% as lubricant. If you are through the 2nd throat (prostate entrance) you will notice clearly the pleasant feeling. The third constriction is the bladder muscle which has to be handled very carefully. To prevent damage because otherwise urinary incontinence is announced. Also, the risk of infection after the bladder-closing muscle is very high. For when the bladder is infected, no sterile urine has been flushed to the urethra.

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