How far can a Sound be Safely Inserted?

If you like to experiment with urethral sounding you may wish to know how far you can go. Urethral play can be very exciting but it also requires the user to be responsible and careful. Many people interested in deep urethral stimulation wonder how far can a sound be safely inserted. This is an important question to ask, particularly for those who want to try deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage.

What is Considered Deep?

How far can a Sound be Safely InsertedIf you wish to know how far a sound can be safely inserted it is important to understand the anatomy. The urethral opening on the tip of the penis is actually the end of the urethra. When you insert a urethral toy through the pee hole, you are starting from the end of the urethra and the deeper you go the closer you are to the beginning of the urethra. Depending on the urethral toy, you can go very deep.

If the toy stays in the penis, meaning, if it doesn’t go further away from the base of the penis, it is still a relatively shallow urethral play. This one is generally safe for most users. However, anything that makes the toy go deeper than the base of the penis is deep urethral stimulation and requires a more careful approach. A toy that goes deeper than the base of the penis will reach the prostate.

Insert the toy even further?

It is also possible to insert the toy even further, into the prostate or even past the prostate and into the bladder. This is considered extra deep urethral play and while it is possible to do it without issues it is also an activity that brings significant risks. In other words, it is not safe for everyone to insert their toys this deep. It is crucial to be careful and to practice slowly if you want to engage in any type of deep urethral stimulation. The deeper you go, the more dangerous it gets.

Also, keep in mind that most of the above refers to male anatomy. Women have a much shorter urethra and no prostate, so it’s crucial to be very careful. Generally speaking, women will not be able to insert toys very deep because the path to the bladder is relatively short. So even if you go for deep urethral stimulation it will probably not take the full length of a urethral toy. Since this can be deceiving, it is important to remember that while it might seem like you are not going too deep, it is considered very far and you can hit the bladder easily.

So, How Far Can a Sound be Safely Inserted?

There is no one easy answer to this question. Generally speaking, going as far as the bladder is possible. Many people manage to do it without problems. There are also those who enjoy the extra deep urethral sounding so they insert the toys into the bladder. This is considered extreme. However, it’s important to note that it can be safe if you know how to do it properly.

While this type of extreme urethral play is definitely not for everyone, it is not completely dangerous. In other words, yes, it is possible to go that deep. However, the key word is here is to know how to do it properly. Most people who engage in urethral play do not have the skills nor knowledge to do it right. This is why many cases of extra deep urethral stimulation end up with injuries and other problems.

For many people, going as deep as the prostate is enough. It is considered deep enough to be intense and to allow you to stimulate your prostate. But still safe enough not to have to learn complicated skills of extra deep urethral stimulation. So while it’s possible to insert a sound all the way into the bladder, it’s best for most people no to attempt it. Going to the prostate or maybe inside the prostate is complex and deep enough for most users.

As you can see, the theoretical depth to insert urethral sounds and a practical one are not always the same. While in theory you can go very far, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. How far can a sound be safely inserted? The best answer to this question is: “As far as you know how to control the toy properly”. Most people will probably not go as deep as to become unsafe by default. Still, there is some effort and skill you need to learn.


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