How Does a Male Adult Widen His Urethra?

male adult widen his urethra

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There are many ways to enjoy urethral play. Some people do not need much: even a small penis plug or another short toy will do. However, most people who are into urethral stimulation need something more. In order to accept larger toys and in order to go truly deep down the penis, you need to make your urethra bigger. How does a male adult widen his urethra?

Male Adult Widen His Urethra: How to Do This

How does a male adult widen his urethra? As it turns out, this is not as difficult as it may seem. Urethra stretching is a process that widens the urethra so it can accept larger toys. Many men manage to do this without a problem. All you need is some patience, lots of lube and proper urethral toys to do the trick.

The first thing you need to know is that the urethra widens simply by using urethral toys. As such, it may stretch without much of your input. Simply start with small penis plugs and other short urethral toys. Use lube to insert the toys and have fun. Gradually, over time, your urethra will relax and stretch. It will help you use larger and larger toys in the future.

However, this method does not work for everyone. Some people have a narrow urethra that will not stretch easily by simply using toys. Others are able to widen the urethra but it is a very slow process. If you want to start using larger toys soon, it may not be fast enough.

This is why there are other ways to go for an adult male to widen his urethra. The best approach is to use proper stretching toys. These toys are known as urethral trainers or stretchers. They are specially designed for stretching. Many include segments of different width. You insert the thinnest segment first and practice with it. Once you are comfortable with this, you move to the next larger segment, and so on. These stretchers allow you to widen your urethra gradually and without a problem.

Male Adult Widen His Urethra: Tips

Here are some tips for a man to widen his urethra:

  • Never rush things out. Patience is the key here. Yes, it can be frustrating but going quickly will only cause trouble. It can also set your progress back if you injure your penis. So, go slowly and enjoy every step on the way.
  • Use stretchers. As you can see from the above description, stretchers are perfect toys for this purpose. If you are a man who wants to widen his urethra, the best way to do it is by using stretchers and trainers.
  • Use a urethral sounds kit. Another way to go is to use a urethral sounds kit. A kit has toys of different sizes. You start with a thinner size – the one that fits your urethra, and build your way from there. In time, you will be able to insert larger and larger toys. Do not pick the smallest, thinnest size if it is too thin for your urethra, though. That can also be dangerous.
  • Lube is your friend. It makes thins slippery and comfortable. Lube helps the toys slide in and out without a problem. It can help you get used to the feeling of urethral play and stretching.
  • Practice in the bathtub. Warm water will make your penis relaxed and your skin will stretch more easily. This may be a good time to attempt stretching and inserting the next size of urethral toys.
  • Be careful. If it hurts, burns or if you encounter another problem, stop what you are doing. Let your body recover and try again at a later time. It is important to be safe during urethral play and it means listening to your body and stopping when it says that it is enough.


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