How Do You Keep a Penis Plug in Place?

A Penis Plug in PlacePenis plugs are great toys for urethra pleasure. They are ideal for beginners who want to try urethral stimulation for the first time. However, it may not always be easy to position penis plugs in the right way. Even when you learn how to insert them, keeping them inside may become a problem. How do you keep a penis plug in place?

Why Is So Difficult to Keep a Penis Plug in Place?

Those who enjoy penis plugs know how exciting these toys can be. Unfortunately, penis plugs can also be difficult to keep inside of the penis. Many times, the penis will try to expel the plug so it will simply pop outside of the pee hole. While it is rare for a plug to completely slip out, it often moves and goes up when it should stay put. How do you keep a penis plug in place and how to prevent it to move out of the pee hole?

To understand how to prevent a penis plug from moving, you need to know why slippage is happening. Why is so difficult to keep a penis plug in place? The simple explanation is that urethra is not made for inserting things. On the contrary: it is there to expel fluids, such as urine and ejaculation. It is made to move things out. Also, a body’s natural response is to push the foreign objects out.

There are some strong mechanisms that make it difficult to keep a penis plug in place. With longer urethral toys, such as sounds or extra long penis plugs, it is easier. Once a toy reaches deep, it is easier to keep it in place. However, in the case of shorter toys, it can be difficult. It is not uncommon that the penis simply tries to eject a plug out.

Tips to Keep a Penis Plug in Place

Do you want to keep a penis plug in place? Here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Use a penis plug with a glans ring. Penis plugs with a glans ring provide some security when it comes to keeping a plug in place. A glans ring is there to provide some additional stimulation during use but its other function is to keep a penis plug in place. This is a perfect way to prevent slippage and to keep your penis plugs just where you want them to be.
  • Position your penis plug properly. A lot of problems happen when a penis plug is not positioned properly. It is important to insert a penis plug all the way inside of the penis. Do not leave an inch or two protruding from the tip of the penis. Insert the plug all the way in. If you are scared that the plug will slip completely inside of the penis, use a plug with a wide tip or one with a ring for easy retrieval. This way, you won’t be scared to insert your penis plug all the way in.
  • Do not use a thin penis plug. In order to enjoy your penis plugs to the fullest, it has to be of the appropriate size. Do not use a toy that is too thin for your urethra. It may seem less intimidating but you need a good toy that will properly massage your urethral walls to provide stimulation. Using a urethral toy that is thick enough will also minimize the risk of the toy slipping out and moving. This is a perfect way to keep a penis plug in place: find the one that is thick enough to stay put. Of course, you should never go overboard and use a toy that is too thick but do not go for thin penis plugs, either. You need to find a comfortable balance and a perfect diameter of penis plugs that will keep you satisfied.
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