How Deep Can Urethra Sound Go?

How Deep Can Urethra Sound GoThere are many different types of urethral sounds you can use for pleasure. Some of these sounds are very long and can reach deep. These sounds are ideal for deep urethral play and prostate massage, so there are many people who use them. How deep can urethra sound go, and how deep is safe for you?

How Deep Can Urethra Sound Go: Two Answers

So, how deep can urethra sound go? There are actually two answers to this question. The one refers to the design of the sound itself and its properties. These will define how deep a sound can reach inside of the urethra.

The other one refers to the anatomy of the human’s body. A sound can only go as deep as the urethra allows it. The urethra is a natural opening (canal) in the human body and it has its length. You cannot insert a urethra sound deeper than that.

The Toy Design and Length

The first answer depends on the urethral toy in question. Some urethral toys, such as small penis plugs, are very short. They cannot go deeper than a few inches. On the other hand, there are urethral toys that are very long. Some extra-long toys are over ten or eleven inches long. It is clear that these toys can go much deeper than the short ones.

These long urethral toys are generally good for users with plenty of experience. These users typically need more intensity or even extreme sensations. Long and super-long urethral toys are there to fully satisfy these users.

On the other hand, you don’t have to be an expert in urethral play to try deep urethral stimulation. However, it is important to know when to stop. If you are only starting out to explore urethral play past the base of the penis, focus on medium-length urethral toys. They can give you the feeling of deep urethral play but without too much intensity or risk of injuries.

The Anatomy of Urethra

Another way to answer the question: “how deep can urethra sounds go” is to look at the human anatomy. The toy cannot go deeper than the urethra, so you can insert it only for the length of the urethra.

Men and women have very different urethra anatomy. Female urethra is much, much shorter than male urethra. It is only about four inches in length. It means that you cannot insert urethral sounds deeper than that.

Men have a much longer urethra, so they can accommodate even those long and super-long urethral toys. Generally speaking, you can insert a sound down the penis and past the base of the penis inside of the body. Once you are past the base of the penis, if you insert a toy a bit deeper, you will get to the prostate. This is great for those who want to try prostate massage.

However, it is possible to go even further. It is possible to insert the toy into the prostate. This is a more intense and more extreme form of prostate massage and it is generally ideal for users with more experience.

Finally, you can go even further and insert the toy past the prostate and into the bladder. This is where the urethra ends (or, technically, this is where it starts, because it ends at the pee hole.) Some people who like extreme sounding will insert their urethral toys all the way into the bladder. There are toys long enough to do that. However, most people will not appreciate this type of stimulation. It is way to intense and extreme. This type of urethral play is reserved for those who like painful pleasures and extreme sensations. So, while it is possible to insert a sound all the way into the bladder, this is not something that most users will want to do.

Keep this in mind when deciding on how deep you wish to go and what kind of a urethral toy you want to buy for satisfying your needs.

Happy sounding!

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