How Could Sounding Feel Good?

How Could Sounding Feel GoodWith urethral play getting more popular, there are new people who get to learn about this sexual activity. While some fans of urethral play discover it on their own, many decide to try it out only after learning that it is a thing. There are also some people who react with a shock and disbelief to the idea of urethral stimulation. Those people wonder how could sounding feel good and what is there to it.

How Could Sounding Feel Good: The Explanation

How could sounding feel good? For many people, the idea of inserting something into the pee hole seems strange. However, it is important to understand that the urethra can be very sensitive. This is a natural canal in the body that has sensitive walls. Massaging and stimulating those walls can bring very arousing sensations.

It is also important to remember the location of the urethra. It is inside of the penis in men, so by stimulating the urethra the person is actually stimulating the inside of the penis. In women, the urethra is very close to the clitoris and the vagina, so stimulating the urethra also means stimulating all those sensual structures. This is a new way to bring pleasure to yourself and your partner.

Finally, urethral play is the best way to stimulate the prostate directly. Men who love P-spot stimulation do not have to resort to the indirect method (through the anus). With urethral play, it is possible to reach the prostate directly for massage. All these things make urethral play and sounding feel very arousing and pleasurable.

Of course, not everybody likes the feeling of urethral play. For some people, it is way too intense. Others have a very sensitive urethra that is easily hurt so it is difficult to perform sounding properly. However, it is important to remember than many people can and do enjoy urethral stimulation to the fullest. This may be an unusual way to reach pleasure but it is a valid erogenous zone you can stimulate.

Still Not Fan of the Idea?

Still not the fan of the idea of urethral play even when you understand how could sounding feel good? There is nothing wrong about this. Not all sexual activities are for everybody. Some people simply do not like the idea of urethral play. Others may be intrigued by it but discover that it does not bring any pleasure.

All of this is fine. You don’t have to like sounding – there are many different ways that people experience sexual pleasure. It is also important to understand that you do not have to engage in sounding just because your partner wants it.

However, it is always good to be informed. Some people might not know about this form of stimulation so it is useful for them to learn about it, even if this is not something they find appealing. Of course, it is the most useful to people who are intrigued by the whole idea of urethral play and might want to try it but don’t know if they should.

If you think about inserting toys into the urethra it is important to know that you are not alone – it can indeed be pleasurable and there are so many people who enjoy this activity.

Happy sounding!

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