Horizontal Tongue Piercing Guide

Horizontal Tongue PiercingHorizontal tongue piercing is a piercing done horizontally through the tongue. This is a relatively rare placement, much rarer than the standard vertical tongue piercing. As such, it is more unique and can attract a lot of attention. At the same time, this piercing goes through a lot of tissue so it is more sensitive and painful than the regular (vertical) tongue piercing.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing: Placement and Procedure

This piercing is done horizontally across the tongue at a point that piercer finds the best and the client likes the most. There are many different placements possible: horizontal tongue piercing can be done at different parts of the tongue. However, it is vital to choose a placement that will not interfere with normal talking and eating, or other normal tongue functions. Since this is a large piercing that goes through a lot of tissue it is vital to make sure that there are no injuries and no damage to the tongue.

The procedure, while it takes a bit longer than that of smaller piercings, is not particularly complicated. Once the placing is marked the needle is inserted horizontally through the tongue. Keep in mind that this is a painful piercing because there is a lot of sensitive tissue that has to be pierced.

After the piercing is done the jewelry is inserted and the procedure is over. Your piercer will explain the proper aftercare and how to notice potential problems with your piercing. Since this is a sensitive piercing it is vital to observe it regularly in order to catch any potential warning signs before they develop into a bigger problem.


Typical jewelry for horizontal tongue piercing is a long straight barbell. Some piercers opt for flexible jewelry, particularly during the healing time. Once the piercing is healed you may switch to metal jewelry.

Also, your piercer may choose to insert longer jewelry to account for swelling. If this is the case you will need to go back after the first swelling is gone so your piercer can change the jewelry to a shorter one you will wear until your new piercing is fully healed.

Additional Info and Tips

  • There are many different possible placements for a horizontal tongue piercing. Remember, “horizontal” refers to the orientation and not the exact placement. As such, the piercing can be done almost anywhere across the tongue. Some people choose to have this piercing at the tip of the tongue while others choose different placements. The most common choice, however, is a bit deeper.
  • Since this is a somewhat sensitive piercing and it goes through a lot of tissue it is important to choose an experienced, knowledgeable piercer for the job. Seek a professional who has plenty of experience performing horizontal tongue piercings.
  • Not all people are anatomically suited for horizontal tongue piercing, so it is important to book a consultation with a piercer to learn if you can get this piercing or not.
  • Healing time is highly individual. Some people report that their piercing is healed after only 2-3 months, while it takes 5-6 months for the others. The healing time often depends on the quality of the piercer’s work and the placement, so this is yet another reason to choose a knowledgeable, experienced piercer.
  • Horizontal tongue piercing has a high risk of problems such as damage to the tongue, interfering with speech and other issues. Keep this in mind when deciding to get this piercing. Always consult your piercer and ask about all the risks and possible problems before deciding on a piercing.
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