Hitting a Plateau with Urethral Stretching

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I’ve been playing with sounds for a few years. I’ve taken my time and enjoyed it quite a bit. Recently I’ve gotten the desire to try stretching to some of the larger sizes. I have two sets, one straight and the other double sided with a j curve. I gotten where I can take a 25 quite easily but using the double sided sounds (25/27) it feel like I’ve hit a wall. Its causing a type of painful pinching sensation at the head when I get to the half way point where it transitions sizes. I feel like pushing past this pain would be a bad idea, I’ve had no problems up to this point and would hate to tear something now. Should I look at different sounds to help this transition? It does skip 26 after all. Currently I’m committed to taking my time and hoping I can work my way slowly past this but would love some advice on sounds designed for stretching.

Urethral Sound KitThe issue of stretching your urethra with toys is present for all fans of urethral stimulation. There is no one, universal answer to this question. We are all individuals so what might work for one person might not work for the other. Many intermediate users report that they can hit a plateau at one point. At this point, further stretching becomes uncomfortable and seems impossible. Hitting a plateau with urethral stretching can be a frustrating thing. What to do in this situation?

Luckily, there are ways to overcome this problem in several ways. Keep in mind that some of the advice here refers to the general problem of hitting a plateau with urethral stretching and not this specific case. However, most of the things should be true for the case in question.

Stretch Your Urethra with Special Toys

One of the problems might be that you are just not using the right urethral toys to stretch your urethra. Yes, it is important to know that you can stretch your urethra with sounds, but sounds are not made for this purpose. They are for sounding and general urethral play. Sure you can stretch this way if this is your choice, but keep in mind that stretching and training itself is always better to do with specialized toys.

These urethral toys, known as urethral stretchers, are specially designed for the purpose of urethral training and stretching your urethra. So, the first thing you might do to overcome the problem of stretching is to search for the right trainer toy. It is important to find a training toy that is not too small (thin) nor too big (thick) for you. Urethral toys typically have segments so you can stretch your urethra gradually. Once you have stretched your urethra with such a toy, you can move to urethral sounds and other urethral toys made for regular urethral play.

Hitting a Plateau with Urethral Stretching: How to Use Sounds

On the other hand, you may want to stretch your urethra with sounds. This is also possible, but the process might be a bit different. These toys are made in standard diameters (sizes) so they don’t gradually go from a smaller to a thicker diameter. This can make the process more stressful and uncomfortable.

Hitting a plateau with urethral stretching is not unusual in this situation. However, you should not worry too much. It is important to go slowly, relax and have fun. Never try to force anything into your body and never push too hard. If you feel your body protesting, just stop. It is crucial to be careful and go slowly during any form of urethral stimulation.

In the case of the urethral sounds, it might be that jumping two sizes is too much for your urethra. In this case, if you don’t want to use a trainer, it is important to go very slowly. Make sure to only use the smaller side of the toy until you are absolutely comfortable with that one. After this, start inserting the sound a little bit further every day, but make sure not to cause too much discomfort.

If you still feel pain, discomfort and other problems, you may try to use a different urethral sound. Make sure not to insert anything too deep into the urethra: the goal is to stretch your urethra for now and not to experiment with deep urethral play. Just go slowly and carefully, and you should experience results soon.

Happy sounding!

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Craig Rutledge is a staff writer for TheChainGang. His main interests include sex toys for men, particularly urethral sounds and ball stretchers. He is also a proud owner of numerous body piercings. He says: “I am happy to contribute with my experience and knowledge about various penis toys and stretching devices. There is still so much unknown about things like urethral sounding, ball stretching or male chastity and it needs to change. I will share my experience and advice in order to help men, young and old, to discover these toys and have the best fun”. In addition to writing, Craig also answers questions and provides handy advice for people learning more about extreme sex toys for men.

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  1. I have been stretching for over 4 years. I am up to a 14mm. The best way I have found is to use the straight Heagar sounds that are heavy and have different sizes on each end. Also they are french sizes.A 25/27 is a 8 to 9 mm. The way I stretched mine was using the heavy sounds, you insert the sound in you penis and let gravity and the weight of the sound take it deeper in you. It takes some time but just hold it straight up any you will see it going deeper a little at a time.Once it is in about 3 or 4 inches all of a sudden it will drop right in on it!s own.Once the sound gets past the meatus it will slide right in.That is where the as you call it the wall. It is the first couple of inches in the head of your penis.

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