Hegar Bladder Sounding: How To

Hegar Bladder SoundingBladder sounding is among the most extreme forms of urethral stimulation that you can have. Many people do not even want to consider it, but there are those who like it. Fans of bladder stimulation claim that it’s like no other form of urethral play. In order to enjoy bladder stimulation it is important to use proper toys. Since Hegar sounds are the most popular urethral sounds out there, many people wonder if it’s possible to use them for urethral play. Is Hegar bladder sounding possible and how to do it? 

Is Hegar Bladder Sounding Possible?

Hegar sounds are elegant urethral sounds modelled after real instruments that doctors use. As such, they are safe and many people prefer them over all other urethral toys. Hegar sounds are also beginner-friendly so they are often the first sounds someone will try when starting to experiment with urethral stimulation.

All of these things make it sound like these sounds are not good for users with experience. Since bladder sounding is something that only users with plenty of experience do, it may seem that it is not possible to do it with Hegar sounds.

It is true that Hegars are beginner-friendly but they are still very powerful toys. They are also long enough to reach all the way to the prostate and even bladder. In other words, yes, Hegar bladder sounding is possible but you need to develop as specific technique. 

How to Do Hegar Bladder Sounding

The main problem with Hegar sounds is that they do not have a strong curve. Generally speaking, sounds ideal for deep urethral play are those with a curve, such as Van Buren or Guyon sounds. This curve accommodates a natural curve in the urethra, which makes it easy for the toy to reach the prostate or even bladder.

Hegar sounds have just a gentle curve. It makes them ideal for regular urethral play that does not go too deep. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot go very deep with Hegars. After all, they are long enough for this.

In order to enjoy Hegar bladder sounding, you need to develop a technique to insert your sound deep enough. Since there is no strong curve, you will need to manipulate the sound down the urethra, moving it at different angles as it goes. You will also need to move your penis at an angle from time to time.

Whenever you encounter a resistance, turn the toy or your penis at an angle to try to make it go further down. Do not use force! Remember, you should never use force to insert your urethral toys. Instead, use plenty of lube and go slowly until you manage to reach the bladder. It may take several tries but chances are that you will succeed and enjoy your bladder stimulation with Hegar sounds.

Another thing you may want to try is a different size of the sound. This can help you if one size just doesn’t want to go deep enough. Just make sure to know how to control your urethral toy once it is deep enough.

Happy sounding!

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  1. Hey Greg, Your overviews have been super helpful to me in understanding these instruments that I never heard of. (I’ve had a cloistered life!). Also even more helpful when I get the instruments and need help/insights into working them correctly & safely. You are a good guy and I consider you a friend. Thanks.

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