What is the Heaviest Ball Stretcher to Safely Use?

magnetic-ball-stretcher-weightIf you wish to try ball stretching you need to know what kind of results you want to get. This is the only way to enjoy ball stretching to the fullest.

As you probably know, the results will largely depend on several factors: your anatomy, ball stretchers used and the time dedicated to ball stretching.

All of these, and some additional factors, determine the results.

The Heaviest Ball Stretcher for Good Results?

Those who wish to have impressive low-hangers dedicate a lot of time and care to ball stretching. This is understandable: to achieve more pronounced and more permanent results, you need to do your best and really make an effort. However, trying too hard can be bad, too. For example, some people believe that wearing ball stretchers all the time or using the heaviest ball stretcher is what gives great results.

In fact, the opposite is true: you need to have some boundaries. This is the only way to have a success with ball stretching. For this reason, you should not use the heaviest ball stretcher you can find. While big, heavy stretchers can help a lot, it is also important not to go beyond your own limit.

Using a stretcher that is too big or too heavy can have the opposite effect of the desired one. It can overstretch your tissue and cause injuries. This is not only painful and dangerous but also counter-productive. Doing so will set you back a great deal. The same goes for using ball stretchers for too long or wearing them all the time. You need to give your body some time to rest.

In order to avoid these problems with ball stretching but to maximize the results you need to find a good balance between the size (and weight) of your ball stretcher and your body. Ideally, your chosen ball stretcher should be heavy enough to provide good results while still being light enough not to cause overstretch and injuries.

How to Choose a Good Ball Stretcher?

There is no magic formula for choosing an ideal ball stretcher. What is too heavy and big for one person may be ideal for another. Similarly, a stretcher that is too light for one person might be ideal for another.

As you can see, you need to choose ball stretchers for yourself, and you need to choose carefully. It’s always best to start small, even if your goal is to have impressive low hangers. Even those who wish to get fantastic results need to start slowly and with lighter ball stretchers. This is the only way to avoid overstretch and other similar problems associated with testicular stretching.

Once you get a bit of an experience, you can try heavier ball stretchers. Sometimes, you don’t actually need to get the heaviest ball stretcher you can take. You can simply buy more of the same ball stretchers you already own and stack them. Not all ball stretchers can be stacked but many of the most popular models are great for this. Using more of the lighter, thinner ball stretchers is a good alternative to using one huge stretcher.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages so you need to find what works for you best and what produces the best ball stretching results. It is important to know that you always have a choice. Some people like to wear several smaller stretchers and next day change this for one big stretcher. Whatever you do, however, make sure to let your body rest a bit between sessions. This is the only way to prevent overstretching and injuries.

When it comes to the model of ball stretchers, almost all high-quality ball stretchers come in more than one size. It means that you can use your favorite ball stretcher throughout your stretching experience – the only difference is that you will get heavier sizes once you get more experience.

Here are some models of metal ball stretchers you can try. All of them come in very heavy variants so they can satisfy those looking for the heaviest ball stretcher out there:

Donut Ball Stretcher Weight, 2 Piece Ball Stretcher Weight, Oval Ball Stretcher Weight, Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight, Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weight.

All of these are great for those looking for heavy ball stretchers. However, make sure to never go above your limit or else you are risking injuries and other significant problems. Remember, the goal is to find a perfect balance between a heavy stretcher and comfort.

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