What Happens if You Use a Penis Sound That is Too Big?

Use a Penis Sound That is Too BigOne of the most important things about urethral play is to choose the best urethral toys for the purpose. It typically means finding toys that can satisfy you perfectly and provide the best urethral stimulation imaginable.

However, it is also important that your urethral toys are safe for you to use. One of the main problems is the size of the toy. Urethral toys that are too big can cause a lot of trouble. If you use a penis sound that is too big you can cause injuries and many other problems, so it is vital to be careful.

Don’t Use a Penis Sound that is Too Big

You should never use a penis sound that is too big because it can cause many problems. ”Big” can mean anything from thickness to length of the sound, so be careful about it. Also, it is important to remember that the size doesn’t refer to urethral sounds only. All of the urethral toys, such as penis sounds or wands, can make a lot of trouble if they are too big for your urethra.

What it means to be “too big”? The main problem is the thickness of the penis sound or another toy you want to insert. It means that the toy has a larger diameter than the diameter of your urethra. This can be very painful and can cause many other bad things so it is important to be very careful. You should avoid all penis sounds and other toys that are thicker than the width of your urethra.

On the other hand, a penis sound can be too big in the sense that it is too long for you. The length of the urethra varies from person to person and this is something you need to keep in mind. Also, your experience with urethral play and urethral toys is important. Beginner users should never try toys that are too long. Long penis sounds and other long toys are made for deep urethral stimulation, which is not something beginners should try. If you are only starting out you should stay away from penis sounds that are too long.

A combination of thickness and length can be particularly bad for those who don’t have enough experience. It also means to have a urethra that is trained and stretched. This cannot happen overnight so this is something you should think about when choosing urethral toys. 

Possible Problems

If you wonder what can happen if you use a penis sound that is too big, here are just a few common problems:

  • The most common issue you will have if you use urethral toys that are too big for you is pain. This is not a pleasurable thing, unless you are really into painful pleasures. If you want your urethral toys to be pain-free you need to stay away from penis sounds that are too big for you.
  • Even if you don’t experience pain there will be discomfort, which can be very bad. It makes the whole experience less enjoyable, unless you are specifically into those uncomfortable sensations.
  • The most dangerous problem you can get with a penis sound that is too big is an injury. This is a very common issue with beginners but users of all experiences can be a victim to this. Urethral toys that are too big can cause tears and injuries in your urethra, which can be very painful and dangerous. If you suspect that you have an injury you need to seek medical help immediately. This is a serious issue and you will need a doctor as soon as it happens. The best way to prevent injuries is to stay away from urethral toys that are bigger than your urethra.
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