Hanging Low – Ball stretching 101

Now you gotta ask, “why would anyone want to stretch their balls?”
The answer seems to come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. First of all, males around the world have been doing it for centuries. So again why?

Well it seems that hanging balls can increase libido, sperm condition, and sexual health. The idea may seem weird or kind of kinky, but hey, that can be a good thing too. Most men first get into ball stretching by seeing or reading about it on the internet. Sometimes the visual effects cause arousal and they want to try it for themselves. Many men look at ball stretching as gay but surveys have been conducted and it’s an almost even split of gay and straights alike that like to hang’em low.  It just feels good apparently regardless of preference.

Many men say that they get great sexual satisfaction from their balls flopping around (most with female partners) say their wife/partner loves it when his balls smack her ass. This author can personally confirm I love it when my man’s balls smack me no matter what position I’m getting fucked from. And me telling him while it’s happening  only adds to the fuel in his tank. So if you’re looking to rev your woman or man up, get stretching.

Ball stretchers come in every size so you can start with a smaller (lighter) weight, and move up as needed. There is such a variety of sizes available for width, length, and weight there’s really no reason you can’t find the ball weight that’s right for you. Surgical steel is a great way to get started, but if your a little uncomfortable with that, start with leather. The best place to get your ball weights is thechaingang.com. They have everything you will need to get started including the Worlds Most Comfortable Ball weights or WMC as most call them, or if your an experienced stretcher, they’ve got you covered too and you have already found out how good they are.

Happy stretching

About Candys Corner:
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