Guinness Body Piercing Record

Just how into Body Piercing are you? Most people cannot stop at just one piercing they have several. Many people think of it as an addiction or a rush, just like tattoos. How many people do you really know that only have just one single tattoo or piercing? One man has proven his addiction to the extent that he is the new record holder in the “Guinness Book of World Records”.

A guy in Philadelphia broke the record once again with 1,515 piercings in a 4 hour period. Pip Freak,” a.k.a. Phillip Roomet is the new World Record Holder (for the time being).
They used 22 Gauge needles to complete this task. They started the piercing session around 6:20 a.m. The first part of his body that they pierced were his arms with nearly 500 needles in each arm. Then they went to his back and then his chest which is when he began to feel major discomfort. They finished up the piercings in the front of his legs.

He had to sport these needles for 10 minutes to make the record complete. Ouch! He passed the time with a smoke and the crowd cheering him on and he is now the new record holder. I wonder how long it took for all the needles to be removed. The last record of piercings was 1, 047.

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