Guidelines on How to Sterilize Metal Toys

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It would be VERY helpful if you would publish some guidelines on how to sterilize i.e. Boil in distilled water, pre-clean toys with ???

Metal toys are relatively easy to clean and sterilize. They are non-porous and can be cleaned in numerous ways. Starting from simply cleaning with alcohol to full sterilization in an autoclave, metal toys offer numerous opportunities for those who want to stay safe by cleaning their toys properly. How to sterilize metal toys? There are several ways to go about it.

Sterilize Metal Toys: How To?

Sterilize Metal ToysIt is important to understand the difference between cleaning and sterilizing. Cleaning your toys is important but this will not kill all the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms on the toys. Therefore, simply cleaning your metal toys is not enough to make them fully clean. However, cleaning can help keeping your toys in good shape, especially in situations in which they do not require full sterilization.

You can clean your metal toys in different ways. Some people prefer to rub a toy with alcohol. Others use mild soap and water. If you choose to go this route keep in mind not to use dishwasher or other harsh chemicals because they can damage the toy and are not safe to come in contact with your body.


Additionally, a good cleaner is a 10% bleach solution but in this case it is important to rinse your toy properly to avoid any problems. Bleaching is a stronger solution than simple cleaning so it produces better results. However, you need to be very careful with bleach. Use only 10% bleach solution. It should not be stronger than that.

Also, it is important not to leave your toy inside the bleach for too long. A dip of about 20 minutes is enough! If you choose to use bleach it is vital to rinse your toy well. This is crucial for maintaining safety.


Those who don’t have access to an autoclave wonder about the possibility of sterilizing their toys. The only way to do it is to boil your metal toys in hot water. However, keep in mind that this method is suitable only for high-quality toys made of safe materials. Sometimes, some other companies metal toys are made of cheap metal with a coating so the boiling can damage the coating and expose the harmful metal underneath. For this reason, boiling as a method is only good for toys that are high-quality and safe.

Also if the toy has any rubber tubing or plastic items as part of it you must remove that first because the heat of boiling water will ruin that.

Boiling method is a very easy one. All you need to do is to place your metal toys in boiling water. Boil for about 10 minutes to kill the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. This boiling will sterilize the toy without the use of any chemicals.

After removing the toy from the water, make sure to let it cool and dry before you use it. Using it straight away can lead to injuries and other problems. Also, make sure to use only sterile towels and other surfaces to place your toy so it doesn’t get contaminated before you use them.

The best and only secure way to sterilize metal toys is to use autoclave. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to this machine. This is why this method is not available to most people who want to sterilize metal toys.

However, if you do have an access to an autoclave, this is by far the best method to sterilize metal toys. In fact, this is the only way to fully sterilize – all of the other methods (cleaning, boiling, bleaching) will only remove some of the microorganisms. There is always a risk that some of the harmful ones are left.

Autoclave is a proper way of sterilizing because it destroys all microorganisms. To make it effective, it is important to autoclave your metal toys for about an hour. This is the best way to remove any microorganisms and other harmful matter and to fully sterilize metal toys.

However, since not many people have access to autoclave it is important to use other means of cleaning and sterilization, such as cleaning, bleaching and boiling. While these methods are not perfect they do provide you with certain benefits so they have their use. Boiling is particularly regarded as a useful method for those who cannot use autoclave.

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