Guide to Water Operated Penis Pumps (Hydropumps)

Water Operated Penis PumpsPenis pumps are popular devices for penis enhancement. Many men use these pumps for penis enlargement or to improve their erections. Penis pumps are not difficult to use: you simply insert your penis into the tube and start pumping. The pump creates vacuum, which makes the blood flow directly into the penis. This makes the penis enlarged and erection stronger. While these pumps are not a cure to erectile dysfunction, they can help with penis enhancement. Typical penis pumps create suction with the use of air. However, there are also penis pumps that work in different ways. Hydropumps are water operated penis pumps that are used in the shower or a bath. These create a powerful suction using the water and have some great advantages to traditional penis pumps.

What Are Water Operated Penis Pumps (Hydropumps)?

Hydropumps are sex toys that use water to create a vacuum around the penis. Unlike typical penis pumps, they don’t use air to create suction. There are numerous advantages at using water operated penis pumps instead of the air ones.

The vacuum created with a hydropump is more consistent. It makes for a stronger suction and a perfectly even redistribution of the suction. In turn, it makes for a more uniform erection that the pump creates. A water operated penis pump treats all parts of the penis equally: the glans (head of the penis), shaft of the penis and the base. It makes for a much better experience and more effective results.

Another great thing about hydropumps is that they tend to be more comfortable than air penis pumps. Since the suction is redistributed evenly, this creates a more comfortable feeling. Some men even find water operated penis pumps pleasurable.

With a strong yet comfortable suction hydropumps improve the erections and enhance the penis. They are great devices for penis enlargement and strength. Of course, the exact results depend on your anatomy and many other factors. Different people react in different ways to the treatment so your results will be individual. However, it is important to say that hydropumps do tend to give better results than air operated penis pumps. 

How to Use Hydropumps

Hydropumps such as Waterbuddy and others are very easy to use. Many people find this to be a great fun and very pleasurable. You take your water operated penis pump to the shower or a bath. Fill the pump with water and insert your penis into the tube. Pump for a few seconds until you create a suction. For well-designed penis pumps, this should be comfortable and even enjoyable. A good penis pump effectively doubles as a powerful sex toy.

After this, it is important to leave the pump on for about 10 to 15 minutes but not longer than 20 minutes. It is also useful to re-pump every 5 minutes or so, to keep the strong suction. After the shower, remove the pump.

This is all. A water operated pump is a great tool for enhancing the look and performance of your penis. While nothing happens overnight, a regular use of a hydropump should lead to penis enlargement. Strong suction inside of the tube also makes for more powerful erections. The exact results will vary from person to person but these pumps tend to be among the most effective of all penis pumps. 

Here are some of the best water based penis pumps (hydropumps) you can use:

Waterbuddy with Waterbuddy Penis Pump Shower Strap for a more comfortable experience.



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