Guide to Pratt Sounds

Pratt 11 Sound Kit

Pratt 11 Sound Kit

Pratt Sounds are among the most popular urethral sounds and urethral toys in general. They are smooth and comfortable yet very intense, so it is not surprising that so many people choose to use them for urethral play.

One great thing about Pratt sounds is that they can satisfy a varied audience of many different experience and preference levels. While they are not made for complete beginners they can be used by both intermediate and experienced users. As such, these sounds are often known as “the intermediate” urethral sounds.

Pratt Sounds: The Design

Pratt sounds are double-ended urethral sounds ideal for those who wish to bring urethral stimulation one step further, but without going way too deep. These sounds are perfectly designed for those people who are already experienced with urethral sounding. They are long enough to be really intense and their shape is made to hit all the right spots.

These sounds may resemble Hegar sounds at the first glance, but there are two main differences. Pratt sounds have a bit thinner and longer body, so they appear larger but slimmer than Hegar sounds. Another main difference is the curve. Pratt sounds have a more defined curve on the shaft than Hegar sounds.

However, what is characteristic for Pratt sounds are their slightly bent ends. These ends may appear a bit pointy, but they are never sharp enough to hurt. However, these ends are pronounced enough to allow for some intense targeted stimulation. Because of the curve and the bent ends, Pratt sounds are recommended only for more experienced users who are already familiar with urethral sounding.

Pratt sounds are usually sold in kits, so one sounding kit offers many different sizes to choose from. Remember, Pratt sounds are double-ended so each sound comes with two different sizes. This means that you get twice as many sizes as there are sounds in the kit.

Keep in mind that Pratt sounds are very long so they can reach deep. While they are not recommended for prostate and bladder stimulation – Van Buren sounds are ideal for that – Pratt sounds can go very deep. This is good news for those who like deep urethral stimulation but it also means that these sounds are reserved for more experienced users.

It all depends on your preferences, anatomy and experience. Pratt sounds can satisfy people of many different experience levels and many different desires. At the same time, keep in mind that these sounds are made to go very deep, so they are not suitable for beginner users who are still not skilled enough with urethral stimulation.

Additional Info and Tips

  • There are some Pratt sounds made in thinner sizes than usual. Some of these may be more suitable for beginners who don’t have a fully stretched urethra. However, make sure to never use a sound that is too thin. Thin toys are very dangerous for beginners. For this reason, it is best to stay away from super-thin urethral toys.
  • Even if a Pratt sound has an appropriate thickness for a beginner keep in mind that these are longish sounds. For this reason, beginners who wish to try them are highly advised to be extra careful.
  • Pratt sounds are double-ended, which means that one sound has two different sizes (on different ends). If one end is too big or too small for you, before using the next sound in the kit check out if the other ending is the best one for you.
  • Keep in mind that these sounds have a very pronounced end. This end is made for more intense targeted urethral stimulation but can also be dangerous.
  • If you experience sharp pain, prolonged discomfort, blood, swelling or any other warning sign, make sure to consult your doctor immediately.
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