GUIDE – PA Piercing and Recommended Jewelry

Surgical Steel Curved Barbells

Surgical Steel Curved Barbells

Men who wish to get a Prince Albert piercing should not worry about the available jewelry. There are many jewelry pieces suitable for this type of piercing, even the stretched PA piercing. Largely due to the fact that the jewelry is often multi-functional, it can go for other jewelry types as well. It’s important to note that piercers typically perform PA piercings at a relatively large starting size. Typically, the starting gauge is 10g, though there are some piercers who recommend starting at 8 g.

These two sizes are the most common ones, so men who have this size of Prince Albert piercing can easily find great jewelry to go with it. One of the main reasons that PA piercing never uses small sizes (16g, 14g or even 12g) is that the jewelry is too thin and can easily injure sensitive tissue. It is the dangerous “cheese cutter effect”. This is why piercers use larger needles to perform this type of piercing. This is why it’s important to wear jewelry that’s thick enough so it won’t reject easily and it won’t hurt the tissue.

The good news is that PA jewelry is in many ways multi-functional, so you don’t have to go with any specialized Prince Albert jewelry pieces. This makes it much easier for you to get the best jewelry, regardless of the piercing size. Finding jewelry you like and that fits you is not a problem for people with PA piercing. What can be tricky, is to find jewelry that suits you best when it comes to comfort and sexual satisfaction. There are many jewelry pieces suitable for PA piercing. The most popular are curved barbells (you can get them in all sizes and they look impressive when inserted), circular barbells, captive bead rings and segment rings. Most curved barbells used for PA piercing are 7/8 of an inch in length.

This jewelry style has one ball of the curved barbell sitting at the urethral opening, while the other is on the lower side of the penis. Curved barbells are recommended because they don’t move around during wear, so they prove to be very comfortable. However, a lot will depend on your anatomy and preference, so you may find other jewelry types more comfortable. One note about sex: while there are many men who choose PA piercing for aesthetic purposes or any other non-sexual reason, there are many who want to use their Prince Albert piercing to enhance sexual pleasure for both them and their partner. The choice of jewelry in this case is crucial, because it helps both the wearer and his partner enjoy sex more (or less, if you don’t choose your jewelry wisely).

Stretching and Jewelry

Preventing rejection and the “cheese cutter effect” is also the reason why it’s not ideal to start stretching your piercing aggressively even if it heals completely. While it goes without saying that any stretching requires your piercing to fully heals, take a special attention in this case. Go slowly and never stretch for more than one size at a time. Wait until your piercing fully heals to go to the next size.

Another good news is that penis piercing stretching is relatively easy. The tissue itself is elastic and you can even observe some form of auto-stretching (albeit, a mild form of it), especially at larger sizes. You need to take heavy jewelry for a continuous period of time for this effect to show, but it can make stretching to the next size much easier (to the point of simply putting bigger jewelry without any problems). Also, it’s important to know when to stop and what’s the most appropriate size for your PA piercing.

Stretched PA Piercing Jewelry

Many people stretch their piercings to 6g, 2g, 0g or even further, but that’s a matter of preference. Whatever your choice may be, you will be able to find the appropriate jewelry for it. Jewelry choices are the same, only made in larger sizes. It means you can wear curved barbells or captive bead rings at the sizes of 6g, 4g, and more. There are many titanium curved barbells ideal for PA piercing.

Surgical Steel is another popular choice for jewelry material. One thing to keep in mind: while it’s easy to find appropriate jewelry for your stretched Prince Albert piercing, large, heavy jewelry might prove to be uncomfortable. This is why you need to check if this type of jewelry is something you enjoy wearing. If you experience pain or if it gets uncomfortable, it’s advisable to use lighter jewelry pieces or to downgrade your PA to a smaller size.

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3 thoughts on “GUIDE – PA Piercing and Recommended Jewelry

  1. I had a PA done about 10 months ago (10g). It hurt for a long time, I found the circular barbell to pull too much. Switched to a captive bead and have since stretched to a 2g, really enjoy the feeling during sex and I am looking to move up to a 00g eventually. Wife loves the sensation too. Do it, if you’re on the fence. Also love having my secret around others…and love heading to the nude beach to flaunt it. LOL.

  2. So here is my question, how do you properly size ta captive bead ring? I have a PA with 5/8 curved barbell, and I have been looking at the different ones and few lost. There doesn’t seem to be a resource that says this is how you measure for this type of jewelry.

  3. Simply Google PA gauges. There are a few good discussion threads out there. Just had my PA done July 30, 2017. Can’t wait to take the wife for a ride. Four more days! Wish had done this years ago.

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