Guide to One Flared Plugs

Ear plugs are among the most popular large gauge jewelry types for stretched earlobes. Along with flesh tunnels and earlets, ear plugs make a great choice for those who wish to have attractive and gorgeous jewelry in their stretched lobes.

There are a few common types of ear plugs and flesh tunnels: straight (without flares) and flared plugs. Straight jewelry is smooth and doesn’t have any flares so it’s easy to insert. Double-flared plugs and flesh tunnels have flares on both sides so they are more difficult to insert and remove.

However, these are not the only types of ear plugs you can get. There is also a rare type of a one flared plug.

What are One Flared Plugs?

Guide to One Flared PlugsOne flared plugs, earlets and flesh tunnels are something between the straight (no flare) jewelry and double-flared jewelry types.

In order to understand how one flared plugs work, it is important to understand the design of the more popular forms, the straight and double oflared jewelry types.

Straight Ear Plugs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Straight ear plugs are smooth and resemble a cylinder. It means that they don’t become thicker and wider on ends. These plugs are very easy to insert: all you have to do is to gently push them through your stretched lobes. As long as you choose the plug of the same gauge as your piercing (which is something you should always do), it is very easy to insert and remove these jewelry pieces.

The trouble is that inserting and removing is too easy: these ear plugs are likely to fall out. Since they can move almost freely in and out of the hole, it is easy for them to slip out. In order to keep these ear plugs inside, you need to use the O-rings. The O-rings are small, tight rings that you need to position onto the plug once it is inside. You need to put your O-rings on both sides of your ear (on both sides of the plug), to prevent it from slipping out on either side.

This seems like a good solution and it does work most of the time. The trouble is that O-rings don’t always look attractive. They can be stylish and often go with your ear plugs, but they don’t always match your jewelry. This is a problem if you want your ear plugs to be attractive and luxurious.

Double Flared Ear Plugs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Double flared ear plugs, on the other hand, have special flares on both sides of the plug. Flares are wider than the rest of the plug so once you insert them in your stretched lobe they stay in place. This means you don’t have to use any O-rings. That is a great solution if you have a super-elegant ear plug and want to show it in all its beauty.

However, there is a big issue with double flare plugs: they are more difficult to insert and remove than the straight plugs. Many people struggle to insert and remove their double flared plugs and it requires some practice to get right. While it is possible to learn this and enjoy your double flare plugs to the fullest, some people prefer ear jewelry that is easier to insert.

Single Flared Ear Plugs: The Best Combination?

One flared plugs, also known as single flared plugs, are there to combine the best features of straight and double flared plugs. There are also one flared (single flared) flesh tunnels and earlets you can use. They should eliminate the disadvantages of the more popular plug types, namely, difficult insertion and O-rings. At the same time, one flared plugs are there to keep the advantages of straight and double flared plugs: easy insertion and attractive appearance with no visible O-rings.

The design of single flared plugs is something in between the straight and double flared plugs. These plugs have a flare on front but are straight in the back. This design allows for easy insertion: simply slide the straight back of the plug into your stretched lobe. It will go quickly and easy so there is no much trouble to do this. After the plug is in place, secure it with an O-ring in the back.

Since this type of plugs have a straight end without flare only on one side – in the back, you only need one O-ring. This O-ring goes on the inner (back) side of your earlobe, so it’s not really visible from the front. The front part of your one flare plug has a flare so you don’t need to use a O-ring.

This way, you get a very pretty ear plug in front without an O-ring but you don’t have to struggle to insert it the way you have to with double flared plugs. This seems like a nice way to combine the best features of straight and double flared ear plugs. However, keep in mind that one flared (single flared) plugs are still somewhat rare; most of the jewelry for stretched lobes will either be straight or double flared.

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