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nipple stretching

Dr. Sado’s Nipple Stretcher for Pierced Nipples

Nipple stretching is a powerful activity that can bring a lot of pleasure. This is a form of BDSM play that can be as light or as extreme as you wish. If you want to engage in nipple stretching, you need to know how to do it properly and in a safe manner. Keep in mind that this is a somewhat extreme activity that not all people like. This is why it’s best to start small and work your way up from there if you like it. In order to keep yourself safe during the process and to perform the most effective stretching, it is important to use specially designed nipple toys. These toys are made for nipple stretching and extreme nipple play so they are safe and can bring you a lot of satisfaction.

The Basics of Nipple Stretching

One thing you need to understand at the beginning: nipple stretching is not the same as stretching your nipple piercing. If you want to stretch your nipple piercing to a larger gauge, seek guides on that. This is not difficult to perform and it will allow you to wear larger nipple rings and other jewelry pieces. However, stretching your nipple piercing is not nipple stretching.

Nipple stretching stretches the nipple itself so it becomes larger, bigger and longer. Both men and women can stretch their nipples to great results. This is a form of body modification and you can achieve it in several ways.

The easiest way to start enlarging through pumping. There are many different nipple pumps you can use to enlarge your nipples and make them more sensitive. However, keep in mind that this mostly provides temporary results.

For the more permanent results, it is important to use special nipple stretchers and trainers. These devices use tension to pull on the nipple and make it bigger. These devices can elongate the nipple and make it bigger so it pops out more and more out of the areola. This is a more extreme method and it can be painful so it is ideal for those who are into BDSM, bondage and painful pleasures. If you want more permanent and visible results, then nipple stretchers and trainers are the way to go.

Some people also claim that having a nipple piercing, particularly large-gauge one, can make the nipple become larger. Wearing heavy nipple jewelry can also help lengthening the nipple. However, keep in mind that results that piercings bring are limited so you will need to train your nipple in other ways if you want to stretch it properly.

Toys to Use for Nipple Stretching

There are many different toys you can use for nipple stretching and other extreme nipple play. Before engaging in any of these activities, make sure to get proper nipple toys for this purpose. It is crucial to use only real nipple toys because they are designed to keep you safe. Since nipple stretching can be an extreme activity it is vital to use only proper toys.

The most popular BDSM toys for nipple stretching include:

  • Nipple trainers and stretchers. These are premium toys that do just what you expect them to: they stretch you nipples. These devices are powerful yet ensure your safety during the stretching process. These tools will pull and stretch the nipple and provide long-term results. The good news is that most of these nipple stretchers also double as effective BDSM nipple toys. They are ideal for those who are into extreme nipple stimulation. Our Nipple Trainer stretches your nipple to long-term results while also providing the most intense nipple stimulation imaginable.
  • Trainers and stretchers for nipples with piercing. Those with nipple piercings sometimes cannot use regular nipple trainers and stretchers. This is why there are special devices made for those with nipple piercings. These stretchers can incorporate the nipple piercing and work toward the most effective results imaginable. Our Sado’s Nipple Stretcher for Pierced Nipples makes you test your limits and achieve long lasting results.
  • Nipple clamps. These are nipple toys for stimulation and pleasure but you may also use them for nipple training. While the results are not as effective as those with nipple stretchers, you will sure notice a change. Nipple clamps press and stimulate the nipple so they are ideal for those who are into intense nipple play. At the same time, the clamps make the nipple become larger and more sensitive. The results are not as permanent but many people do notice long-term enlargement of the nipples. For the most sensual and intense results, try our Nipple Clamp, New Style Nipple Clamp or Spring Loaded Nipple Clamp.
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