Guide to Guyon Sounds

Guyon Urethral Sound KitGuyon Sounds are extreme urethral toys made only for the most experienced users. These urethral sounds are specially made for a super-intense and extreme forms of deep urethral stimulation, so they must be used with care. Those interested in Guyon sounds need to understand that these toys are designed to produce very specific and extreme sensations so they are definitely not for everyone. If you appreciate painful pleasures and extra strong stimulation, however, these sounds may give you exactly what you need.

Guyon Sounds: The Design

Guyon sounds are specially designed to provide extreme sensations and to make deep urethral massage as intense as possible. These sounds have a very unique shape. Guyon sounds resemble hooks or question marks: their body is very curved and goes at a dramatic angle.

There are some other urethral sounds with a curved design, such as Van Buren sounds. These are, too, made for deep urethral stimulation. However, Van Buren sounds have a less pronounced curve, while Guyon sounds have a very dramatic curve. This curve makes for a more intense and extreme experience. It is one of the main reasons why Guyon sounds are considered extreme toys that appeal only to users with specific tastes.

That being said, those who appreciate intensity and painful pleasures do find Guyon sounds very good and effective. These sounds deliver a type of very intense feelings that many fans of deep urethral stimulation really love. Guyon sounds are great for reaching all those deep parts of urethra and they can provide unforgettable stimulation of prostate or even bladder. If you are into intense and extreme prostate massage then Guyon sounds may be the right toys for you. Keep in mind, however, that these toys bring a significant risk so it is vital to be careful while using Guyon sounds.

Additional Info and Tips

  • Guyon sounds should be used only by very experienced users who are already familiar with deep urethral stimulation. It is absolutely vital that you know how to perform urethral play and that you are familiar with all safety guidelines before you try to use Guyon sounds.
  • If you experience any problems such as sharp pain, prolonged discomfort, blood or other issues, make sure to consult your doctor immediately. Urethral toys, especially the extreme ones like Guyon sounds, can be very dangerous and you need to protect your health.
  • Before using Guyon sounds, it is useful to find a kink-friendly doctor who will give you some safety guidelines and help you learn how to stay safe while using sounds. It is also important to make sure that you are allowed to use these sounds for urethral stimulation.
  • The hook shape of the Guyon sounds is made for intense, sharp stimulation. The tips are specially designed for targeted stimulation of prostate and bladder. You can play with this and explore all the intense feelings a Guyon sound can give but make sure to proceed with care.
  • If you wish to use Guyon Sounds you will need a lot of preparation and education. They carry a significant risk of injuries so you need to know how to use them properly and you need to be informed about all the potential problems that may arise from their use. Do not even attempt to use these sounds if you are unsure on how to proceed safely. When used properly, however, these sounds can provide very intense sensations so they are great for those who crave the specific, super-strong urethral stimulation.
  • Guyon sounds have certain advantages: they are very intense and extreme, which is a plus for people who appreciate these types of sensations. They are also great for deep urethral massage and they can provide targeted stimulation to your prostate.
  • There are also some disadvantages and risks associated with Guyon sounds, so make sure to be careful. The main problem is that these sounds are shaped as hooks, which requires some skill to use, and the given shape also makes the sounds more dangerous to use than other types of urethral toys. For these reasons, it is absolutely vital that only the most experienced people use Guyon sounds.
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