Guide to Ben Wa Balls

Guide to Ben Wa BallsBen Wa balls, also known as Benwa balls and Venus balls are sensual toys made to tease and please you. These are, first and foremost, female sex toys intended for vaginal use. However, there are some men who can use them for their own pleasure.

These gorgeous balls are perfect teasing toys. Ideal for those who appreciate gentle sensations, Ben Wa balls are there to slowly build the arousal until you feel all ready. It is therefore not surprising that Benwa balls are one of the most sensitive sex toys.

Main Benefits of Ben Wa Balls

Benwa balls are very sensual toys many women like to use. These are not “in your face” sex toys. They will not bring immediate, intense orgasms like a powerful vibrator will. Ben Wa balls fulfill a different purpose. They are made to slowly build the arousal. When you insert them into vagina, they will roll and nicely rub against your vaginal walls. This rolling will create a pleasurable effect you will enjoy.

The rolling and nice rubbing are made to tease you and slowly build your arousal. This is perfect for those who like a long foreplay or a more sensual, gentle approach to masturbation and sexual pleasure.

However, Benwa balls are not just for arousal. They serve one important practical purpose. Ben Wa balls are excellent Kegel exercisers that can help you strengthen your vaginal muscles. If you find boring to do Kegel exercises, try doing them with BenWa balls inserted – this is a completely new experience you will enjoy to the fullest.

How do Ben Wa Balls Work?

The mechanics behind Ben Wa balls is simple. These are small, typically smooth balls about two inches in diameter, though there are many larger and smaller Benwa balls out there. The balls are connected with a thread you can use to move the balls inside your vagina.

The best way to insert the balls is to lube them and then gently insert them into the vagina. You may not feel much at first, but try moving your vaginal muscles. Tighten and release the muscles to make Ben Wa balls move inside you. The balls will gently roll against your vaginal muscles and create pleasurable sensations.

For extra pleasure, you may use the thread to try to pull and move balls in different ways. The thread may work good during orgasm. Try pulling the balls out during orgasm to make the feeling even more intense. This may not work the same as anal beads but it does add a different feel to your orgasms.

As with any other sex toy, try different things to see what truly works for you and what makes you aroused.

Recommended Products

When choosing Ben Wa balls for yourself or you partner, it is important to go with high-quality toys. Remember, adult toys are intimate products so they have to be safe to use on such sensitive body parts such as vagina or anus. Because of this, make sure to only seek high-quality products made of safe materials.

Venus Benwa Balls are gorgeous balls you can use to build the arousal while exercising your vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises have never been this fun before! You can use these balls whenever you want and enjoy the way they move inside your vagina.

Asvani Glass Benwa Balls are beautiful and luxurious so they make a perfect gift you’re your partner. You may even give them as a present to yourself – you deserve something this sensual. These gorgeous balls are a true work of art. Beautifully designed and decorated, these glass balls will hit all the right spots and make you aroused and pleased.

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