Guide to Advanced Urethral Sounding Techniques

Penis PlugsMany people who enjoy urethral play wonder about the advanced techniques they can try. The good news is that there are many advanced urethral sounding techniques for urethral play enthusiasts. However, it is important to know what you are doing.

This is why these techniques are ideal for people with some experience. You need to know how to control your urethral toys and you need to know basic urethral sounding techniques before you move on to more complex things.

Warning: If you are a beginner at urethral sounding, stick to beginner techniques. Only after you gain some experience you can move to things explained here. If you want to engage in any form of urethral play, keep in mind that you need to do everything you can to stay safe. This is an activity that brings certain risks and you need to be careful. This is why it is vital to go slowly and to build experience. Also, it is advisable to consult a kink-friendly doctor before you attempt any form of urethral stimulation.

What are Advanced Urethral Sounding Techniques?

Urethral sounding advanced techniques are all methods and techniques of urethral play that go beyond the basic stuff. By “basic”, it is assumed regular, plain urethral stimulation. Of course, urethral play as a whole is an advanced sexual activity so it’s never truly plain or basic. However, there are some beginner techniques that you learn the first time you attempt urethral stimulation. These things are ideal for beginners who are learning how to perform urethral sounding and who are only beginning to experiment with this type of stimulation.

Examples of beginner urethral sounding techniques include: insertion, removal and basic shallow urethral play. Shallow urethral play is any urethral stimulation in which the urethral toy doesn’t go deeper than the base of the penis. Also, beginner users are strongly advised to use only smaller urethral toys that are ideal for beginners. However, beginners should stay away from urethral toys that are too thin – these are sharp and difficult to control so they are ideal for users with more experience.

On the other hand, advanced urethral sounding techniques are those that go beyond the basic stuff. Deep urethral stimulation, for example, is one of these techniques. There is a lot of skill and work you need to put into it to make it right. Other advanced urethral sounding techniques include retrograde ejaculation with urethral toys, operating extreme toys, using very thin toys and using very thick toys.

Intermediate Urethral Sounding Techniques

It is also important to know that there are also some intermediate sounding techniques that are good for users with some experience but not with high level of experience. You should attempt these intermediate techniques before you try advanced ones. Examples of intermediate urethral sounding techniques include removing toys at the point of orgasm, in & out sounding and urethral stretching and training.

In other words, the best and safest way to go is to try basic sounding technique first. Only after you have mastered them and are comfortable with them you can move on to the intermediate sounding techniques. Spend some time with these techniques to truly understand them and master them. Only after you are completely skilled in these techniques you can start thinking about the advanced urethral sounding techniques.

Keep in mind that not all people want to try advanced things. Some people are fully satisfied with basic or intermediate stuff. This is ok. Also, it is ok if you only want to try one or two advanced things.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some advanced techniques (such as bladder stimulation) are actually extreme techniques and only a few people enjoy them. If you like super intense and extreme stimulation or if you are into painful pleasures, you might like these things. Other users are highly advised not to even attempt any urethral sounding technique that may seem too extreme.

The Main Types of Advanced Urethral Sounding Techniques

There are many ways to do advanced urethral stimulation. This type of urethral play is ideal for users with plenty of experience. These users know what they like and can make their own techniques to make the experience super pleasurable and intense. As such, there are no two identical urethral sounding routines.

However, there are certain things that many experienced users like to try. If you are building your experience with urethral stimulation and if you are looking for a way to go from intermediate to advanced things, remember to go slowly and practice a lot.

These techniques are very intense and bring more risks than other types of urethral stimulation.

The main types of advanced urethral sounding techniques include:

  • Deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage
  • Using super thick urethral toys.
  • Using super thin urethral toys.
  • Retrograde ejaculation with urethral toys.
  • Using extreme urethral toys.

Please keep in mind that these things are somewhat subjective. What might be an advanced technique for one person might be an intermediate thing for another. It all depends on numerous factors, such as your anatomy, toys you use, your skills, the time and effort you put into urethral sounding and some other factors. For this reason, there is no absolute rule about differentiating between basic, intermediate, advanced and extreme urethral sounding techniques. However, things listed here do require some skills and experience so they are recommended only to people with a good degree of experience with urethral play and various types of urethral toys.

Deep Urethral Stimulation and Prostate Massage

Why is this an advanced technique? Deep urethral stimulation goes deeper than the base of the penis and ever further, to the prostate. Some people like to go beyond simple prostate massage and insert the toy into the prostate itself.

This type of urethral stimulation brings a lot of pleasure and makes for amazing orgasms. You need time, care and effort to master this technique and to learn what feels best for your body. Here are some articles on how to learn deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage:

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Using Super Thick Urethral Toys

Why is this an advanced technique? Super thick urethral toys can be very painful and cause overstretching if your urethra is not stretched enough. You should use them only after you have completed your training and your urethra is fully stretched to accept bigger toys.

In order to accommodate these huge toys, you need to have plenty of experience and your urethra has to be wide enough to be able to insert these toys inside. Big toys are the thickest ones in the sounding kits and you need to have a truly stretched, wide urethra for that. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time and effort to stretch your urethra to this size. Some people need to train their urethra for many months, even years.

Other men find out that it’s impossible for them to stretch their urethra so much. This is ok. If your body doesn’t allow it, don’t push it or force it into it because you will only hurt yourself. If your body responds, however, make sure to go slowly and increase the thickness of the toys you use gradually. This is the only way not to hurt yourself while experimenting with thick urethral toys.

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Using Super Thin Urethral Toys

Why is this an advanced technique? Thin urethral toys are difficult to control so you need to have plenty of experience to know how to use them. Also, they can be very sharp and cause a lot of trouble, such as creating false passages and other problems.

If you like thin urethral toys and want to play with them, make sure you are familiar with many different urethral sounds and other toy types. Learn how they move and how to grab them to control them properly. It is vital that you know what you are doing if you wish to experiment with super thin toys. These are typically the thinnest toys in the sounding kit. They may seem harmless but require plenty of experience to use properly.

Thin Urethral Toys are NOT Good for Beginners

Retrograde Ejaculation with Urethral Toys

advanced urethral sounding techniquesWhy is this an advanced technique? Because it makes the semen go back to the bladder at the point of ejaculation, which is not pleasurable to all people and it requires some skill.

However, out of all techniques described here, it is somewhat less advanced. Some people see it as an intermediate technique.

In order to try retrograde ejaculation you need solid urethral toys. Those are the ones that are not hollow in the middle. In other words, they don’t have a “cum thru” hole so urine and semen can’t pass through. Many penis plugs and urethral sounds are solid. However, many people choose to remove them at the point of ejaculation. If you want to experience retrograde ejaculation, you need to keep the sound in. This might not be the most advanced technique out there, but it is not for everyone. Before you try retrograde ejaculation make sure to consult your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to try this.

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Using Extreme Urethral Toys

Why is this an advanced technique? Because extreme urethral toys can be very dangerous. They go truly deep and can cause a lot of trouble. Using these toys is risky so they are good only for users with the most experience. In fact, these are so extreme that may be counted as extreme urethral sounding techniques.

There are certain types of urethral toys that are made for extreme types of urethral play. These are good only for those who appreciate very intense, extreme or painful types of sexual activities. Keep in mind that these toys and techniques are not for everyone. Even users with plenty of experience might not want to try them.

Typical types of extreme urethral toys are Guyon sounds. These sounds are shaped like hooks and are good for super-intense, very deep urethral play. If you appreciate these extreme sensations and if you want to try this extreme urethral play you need to go very slowly and practice your skills at using these toys. Remember, these are extreme toys that not all people can use or enjoy. You need to be extra careful when it comes to super long or extreme urethral toys.

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