Grooved Butt Plug Gives the Best Sensation

grooved butt plug

The Grooved Butt Plug

The best anal toys are the ones that can make you wet just by looking at them.

The idea of stretching yourself with a textured, hard plug is just irresistible to me. I will try anything once and I love a challenge. Even more than anything, I love the feeling of being stretched and filled up in all of my holes, preferably at the same time. I wanted to try a different type of a hard butt plug, the one that can make you orgasm just as you try to insert it. The Grooved Butt Plug sounded like the best idea.

There are three grooved butt plugs of different sizes, and I own all of them. They make a perfect collection or a handy training kit for whoever wants to try my school of anal training: smooth, deep and unforgettable.

The Grooved Plug is intense in the best possible way. The first time I inserted the smallest of them all, I swear it felt like a toy double its size. It’s all in the texture: it’s smooth but pronounced, and you can truly feel it inside you. I love to take some time and go slowly, teasing myself with the tip of the toy, feeling the stretching of my butt as I put three fingers inside my pussy to feel completely filled up. After the smallest one, I play with the medium, inserting it in and out and waiting until I can take no more. When I am ready to be fully stretched, I take the huge one and feel its swirls stretching me so hard I have to moan so loud I lose my breath.

The handle is a story on itself. I like large handles you can truly grab, the ones that make you manipulate the toy any way you want. A good handle will both keep the plug in place and allow you to move it in and out if you like, slowly stretching yourself and enjoying the buildup of pure arousal. My grooved butt plugs have not just good, but great, amazing handle. It comes with a gorgeous jewel inside so you can admire it while it sticks out of your lover’s butt. Cute little jewel circling on the entrance, making the experience so sexy and irresistible. Nothing compares to a feeling of being all stretched out and filled up and seeing a shiny jewel sticking out of your tight hole.

This is a secret you’ll want to take with you wherever you go. I love to wear it under my clothes. The way it feels as I’m sitting in the office on a boring day makes me think of all those deep fantasies of taking your clothes off, spreading your legs and finger fucking yourself right there, with the butt plug firmly pressing you on the inside. The thought of fingers wet with juices going in and out, in and out, waiting for someone to come to my office and see me is just too much to bear. I’d love to be seen with legs spread out, fingers deep in my pussy, grooved butt plug inside me with the jewel sticking out.

Sadly, I never act on those fantasies. Perhaps, one of those days…

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