Where Does a Glans Ring Go?

Where Does a Glans Ring GoGlans rings are handy types of cock rings that many people use. However, not all people are sure on how to position a glans ring.

Where does a glans ring go? As the name says, a glans ring is a type of penis ring that goes around the glans. In other words, this is a cock ring for the head of the penis.

How to Position a Glans Ring

Those wondering where does a glans ring go often wonder how to position a glans ring properly. The truth is that these cock rings are not difficult to use; some people even claim that it is much easier to use them than regular cock rings. At the same time, glans rings are not as popular as the common penis rings so there might be some confusion.

A glans ring looks almost exactly like a regular cock ring. In fact, this is in many ways a typical cock ring; some people even use the same rings as cock rings and glans rings. However, not all people can do it so it is important to measure yourself.

As the name says, a glans ring goes around the glans (the head of the penis). This is a difference compared to regular cock rings because these go around the base of the penis. Generally speaking, cock rings are sex toys that constrict the blood flow. As a result, you get harder erections and a more sensitive penis. This is true when a ring is around the base of the penis. Since a glans ring goes around the penis head, it cannot make for harder erections. However, it can make the penis head bigger, harder and more sensitive.

Many people love the feeling of a big penis head. This can benefit both the wearer of the glans ring and his partners. Also, glans rings are often part of other sex toys, such as penis plugs or some types of anal toys. In these situations they are there to keep the toy in place and to provide additional stimulation during use. As you can see, glans rings are very useful even if they are not typical penis rings.

Where Does a Glans Ring Go: Tips

If you want to know where does a glans ring go and how to position it properly, here are a few important tips to follow:

While the name “glans ring” suggests that this ring goes on the penis head, it actually goes under the penis head. The best way to position it is around the underside of the penis head.

The goal of a glans ring is to constrict the blood flow under the head of the penis. As such, the corona of the penis keeps it in place when the penis is erect. Generally speaking, the ring should neatly sit on the underside of the penis head so that the whole head is above the ring.

It is important to put a glans ring on when you are flaccid. It is dangerous to try to put on a ring when you are erect. While this might work for soft and flexible rings it is not a good idea to attempt it with a sturdy metal glans ring.

Some people find it easier to put on a glans ring if they apply a bit of lube. However, you don’t have to use much. You need to use more lube if you want to take the ring off in an emergency.

Make sure you don’t have an erection anymore before you take the glans ring off. You need to take it off only when you are flaccid. The only exception is in the case of an emergency. Use plenty of lube to take the ring off in this situation. If you can’t take the ring off even with the lube and the penis stays erect, make sure to seek medical attention.

Make sure to do proper measurements. While some people can use the same rings as both glans and regular cock rings, this is not always possible. This is why it’s important to measure specifically for a glans ring. Take a measuring tape and wrap it on the underside of your penis. Make sure to take both the flaccid and erect measurements. You need both so you can get the size that suits you best.

A glans ring should not stay on for too long. Even if it feel comfortable it is restricting the blood flow so you should take it off to let your body rest.

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