Girl Sounding Tips

Girl sounding is a very exciting activity. While urethral play and urethral sounding is more of a male thing, it doesn’t mean that there are not many women who enjoy urethral stimulation. In fact, there are many ladies who simply adore some urethral sounding.

Female urethral stimulation, also known as girl urethral play or girl sounding, is an exciting activity many women like to do. However, it is important to be very careful during your urethral play because urethral sounding can bring certain risks that are unique to women.

Girl Sounding: Challenges

Female Urethral Toys The biggest challenge with girl sounding is the fact that women have a much shorter urethra than men. Not only that, but their urethra is also very narrow. All of this makes urethral stimulation more difficult.

Luckily, women can train their urethra to accommodate urethral toys and they can enjoy this form of stimulation a lot. However, it is important to always keep in mind that female urethra is small and can be hurt easily. It is therefore important to be very careful during urethral stimulation. Girl sounding has to be done with care and patience. Never try to force anything into your urethra!

You need to stretch yourself slowly in order to be able to insert urethral toys. This is a process that takes time, so you need to be patient. It is vital to follow all safety guidelines and to stretch your urethra very carefully. Also, it is useful to know some girl sounding tips that can help you.

Girl Sounding Tips

Here are some girl sounding tips to keep you safe and happy during urethral stimulation:

  • Never forget the fact that female urethra is only a few inches long and very narrow. You can’t simply shove things inside and you should never attempt to do that.
  • Use only toys that are thin enough to insert into your urethra. Once your urethra is stretched and trained you can attempt to insert bigger toys. However, most women are never able to use as big urethral sounds as men. This is okay; you can have a lot of fun with smaller toys, too.
  • During girl sounding, make sure not to shove a toy very deep. Since female urethra is short, you will never be able to insert a urethral sound fully. This is not a problem because you will be able to stimulate your urethra properly since it’s very short.
  • Straight, relatively thin sounds work the best for women. Here are some great female urethral toys you can try.
  • Always take your time preparing your body. It is best if you rub your clitoris and get very aroused. For the best results, bring yourself almost to the point of orgasm before you attempt to insert a urethral toy.
  • Girl sounding can lead to urinary tract infections. This is why you should always use only sterile toys and sterile lube, such as SurgiLube. Make sure to wash your hands fully and to never exchange urethral toys with another person, unless the toys are fully sterilized.
  • If you experience pain, prolonged discomfort, bleeding or another issue, make sure to stop immediately. You should seek medical attention in case you experience any of these symptoms. Make sure to do it straight away before it turns into an emergency.
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