Gifts to give your Lover for Christmas Now!

Here is a handy list of gifts you can give your partner this Christmas. The Chain Gang presents high-quality, durable and beautifully designed adult toys and body jewelry.

Gifts for Her

22mm Thick Vibrator

22mm Thick VibratorThis is a beautiful and elegant metal vibrator perfect for all ladies who like sex toys. The vibrator is made of surgical steel so it’s body-safe, durable and perfectly smooth. The toy is long and slim so it provides perfect comfort even on deep penetration. It’s sturdy and super-hard so it gives that strong, intense stimulation that will make any woman orgasm.

Julian Snelling French Lover Dildo

Julian Snelling French Lover DildoThis excellent metal dildo has 7 inches of smooth surgical steel made for pure pleasure. The toy is specially designed to provide the best vaginal and anal stimulation. It has 4 pleasure bumps and a large, egg-shaped head. This dildo is very sturdy so it provides intense stimulation for all sensitive spots.


Eleven Dildo

Eleven DildoOne of the most beautiful and powerful sex toys on the market, Eleven Dildo is a premium sex toy made for all women who wish to experience mind-blowing orgasms. This large dildo is made of surgical steel so it’s durable, body friendly and incredibly well-crafted. Eleven is a large dildo so it’s best suited for women who prefer their toys to be thick, huge and extra sturdy.

Vaginal Barbell or Kegel Exercise Weight

Vaginal Barbell or Kegel Exercise WeightThis is a nice Kegel exerciser and a handy vaginal toy. Kegels are not particularly fun to perform, so this handy tool will sure make the whole process more exciting and pleasurable. The exerciser is made of surgical steel so it can easily be sterilized after each use. Great for muscle strengthening and some sensual vaginal massage.


British Vaginal Barbell

British Vaginal BarbellThis elegant vaginal barbell is a great dildo and Kegel exerciser, all in one. The toy is made of smooth, solid surgical steel so it’s comfortable and body-friendly. This vaginal barbell has 5 beads made for exercising muscles and massaging all the right vaginal spots. This is a great toy for solo play and passionate moments with a partner. It will help any woman exercise her pelvic floor muscles in the most pleasurable way.



Triple Cock Ring

Triple Cock RingThis is a sturdy, extreme cock ring made for men who enjoy this type of stimulation. The toy consists of three separate surgical steel rings. The largest ring goes over a man’s cock and balls together. The other two rings are made for the cock and balls, respectively. This is a great present for all men who love cock rings and unique sensations these rings can bring.


Teardrop Tickler Cock Ring

Teardrop Tickler Cock RingA beautiful and elegant cock ring made to provide a firm grip and powerful erections. This cock ring comes with a special perineum tickler made for additional stimulation. The toy is very versatile because it can be worn in 4 different ways. It is a great addition to any cock ring collection. The toy is sturdy but comfortable so even less experienced men can use it.


Donut Ball Stretcher Weight   (#1 SELLER !!)

Donut Ball Stretcher WeightThis is a perfect ball stretcher weight made of smooth surgical steel. Ideal for all men who love some nice scrotal stretching or wish to experiment with different types of scrotal stimulation. This is one of the best ball weights on the market. Perfectly designed and carefully crafted, this donut weight is a perfect gift for your man.


“The Original” Penis Plug

"The Original" Penis PlugThis beautiful penis plug is great for making that pierced penis look without actually being pierced. It’s also an excellent penis plug for those who wish to try urethral stimulation. This type of massage provides some unique and very sensual feelings so it’s not surprising more and more men experiment with penis plugs. “The Original” is smooth, sturdy and available with or without a central hole.


Pratt Urethral Beginners Sound Kit

Pratt Urethral Beginners Sound KitA beautiful 8 piece sound kit made for men who wish to try urethral sounding for the first time. This beginner’s set contains eight thin and perfectly crafted Pratt sounds made for sensual and intense urethral stimulation. The sounds are double-ended, with a different size on each end, which means there are 16 different sizes in the kit. The sounds are made of surgical steel.

Penis Chastity Cage

Penis Chastity CageWant to experiment with male chastity? This cage is made of surgical steel so it’s body-safe and comfortable. It’s possible to wear it for the prolonged period of time without any problem. The cage is secured by a hand cuff style lock. Available in two sizes. This is a great penis cage for those who wish to try male chastity for the first time or for more experienced users looking for a new male chastity device.

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