Getting Ready for A Piercing? Here Are 5 Important Pre-Piercing Preparations

Piercings have become an important part of our lives. It is very uncommon to come across someone who does not sport them. In fact, today’s population believes in sporting more than the common two or three piercings, and in all places imaginable!

We all know about taking care of a fresh piercing, but there are some pre-piercing preparations as well, and these require as much attention and care. If you are thinking about getting a piercing, do not forget the precautions which have to be taken before there is actually any punching of the skin or insertion of jewelry.

It does not matter which area has to be pierced, the following precautions have to be taken very seriously:

  • Choose a comfortable area – Choose the area to be pierced carefully and do not get a piercing in a place where it might look nice but is constantly uncomfortable. For example, belly piercings might be fast gaining popularity and, no doubt, look real nice, but you should not just get one without thinking it through. If you have, say, a baby to take care of, a belly piercing isn’t the brightest idea. You will end up hurting it more than ever!
  • Consult your physician first – If you have any ailments, or if you are prone to allergies, it is best to get a round up from your doctor before getting a piercing. Some areas are more sensitive, and thus more prone to infections. You might want to avoid them. And only your doctor can tell you which parts are safe and which aren’t.
  • Choose the jewelry piece carefully – Material and make of a jewelry piece can accelerate the healing process and can also adversely affect it. A cheap piece made from artificial materials might be good for saving money, but it will infect a fresh piercing and prolong the healing period. It is always better to pay a little more and pick out a piece made from 14k nickel free Gold, Surgical Steel or Platinum. It will save you lots of hospital trip and medicine money.
  • Pick a professional piercer – The piercer can make or break a piercing (literally!). Experienced professional, who have well lit and clean studios can actually pierce with minimal pain. Also, the jewelry pieces they use are of the highest quality. The services and jewelry of a non-professional, right across the street studio might come cheap. But in the long run, your health will be affected and the doctor’s bills will be huge.
  • Consider the risks beforehand – Getting a piercing is not risk free. Apart from the pain, selling and oozing (which are normal by the way and go away on their own), there are possible health risks, infections and piercing migrations. Consider all this before going ahead with your decision.

Pre-piercing preparations are as important as post-piercing care. People generally tend to ignore them, but it is to be seriously considered that these simple steps can save you a long time of pain, scarring and huge hospital bills.

Piercings are so fashonable and definite style statements, but nothing is more important than health. Devoting very little time to pre-piercing preparations can avoid long term ill-effects on health and skin. Do not compromise on your well being. Take these steps and get a healthy and beautiful piercing!

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