How to Get the Right Chastity Cage Ring Size?

Chastity Cage Ring SizeWhen choosing the best chastity cage for your needs it is important to find the appropriate size. Since many people spend long periods of time locked up in their chastity device, it is important to ensure proper sizing. Good sizing prevents injuries and ensures comfort for the wearer. When it comes to choosing your chastity device, chastity cage ring size is one of the most important measurements to think about.

What is Chastity Cage Ring Size?

There are many different chastity devices you can use so not all of them have the same design. However, one of the most common features of all penis cages is the ring. Chastity cage ring is a smooth ring, typically a metal one, that goes around the base of the penis and/or testicles. This ring is known as the back ring or a base ring and it plays and important roles because it prevents the penis cage from slipping off.

The base ring can have several different designs depending on the model of your chastity device and a lot of penis cages depend on this ring a lot. This is a very important piece of the chastity device because it plays several important roles. First of all, it ensures that the chastity cage stays in place during use. This is incredibly important, because it prevents the person from taking the device off or for achieving sexual arousal by preventing access to the penis. Also, this back ring ensures comfort and safety, which is very important for male chastity.

Remember, most people wear their chastity devices for long periods of time so it is important that everything stays in place. The back ring also helps with proper urination, ensures hygiene and prevents numerous problems. In short, this is an important part of the chastity device design that you need to keep in mind.

Since this ring is so important, it is crucial to ensure a good fit. This is why chastity ring size is so important. Remember, this ring is what ensures comfort and safety so it is crucial that you get a device with the right size of the ring. The appropriate ring size will also ensure that the device works as you want it to. 

How to Get the Right Size?

Since chastity cage ring size is so important, it is crucial that you get the one that fits you perfectly. Those who use regular cock rings have a bit of an advantage because they already know their own size and they know how to get measurements.

The chastity cage ring size you see when you purchase a penis cage is typically in millimeters. It represents diameter. In order to get the right size you need, you will have to get the diameter of the base of your penis (in millimeters).

To measure yourself, take a measuring tape and wrap it around the base of your penis (or around penis and testicles, if you want to use such a device). It should be tight enough to provide security but not so tight to restrict the blood flow. Make sure to take several measurements and use the average.

The number you get this way is the circumference of your penis. To get the diameter, simply divide the measurement number by 3.14. This will give you the diameter of your penis. In case your measuring tape is in inches make sure to convert this number to millimeters to get the size in inches. To convert a result from inches to millimeters, simply multiply the result by 25.4. This is your diameter in millimeters. To choose the right chastity device ring size, get the one that has about the same ring diameter.

Buying Your Chastity Device

Now that you know these things, it is important to use them when you buy a new chastity device. It is crucial to always check the ring size for any penis cage you want to purchase. Companies should have this size displayed clearly but if you have any doubts, make sure to contact them to ask about chastity cage ring size for the model you want to buy.

Depending on the device, some models might come with two or more ring sizes so make sure to pick the right one when ordering. If there is only on ring size offered, make sure that it is the one that fits you before you do the purchase.

Generally speaking, ring sizes on chastity devices vary from around 35mm to about 55mm or even more. This way, the devices can accommodate most users. It is always a good idea to seek devices that come in various sizes but it is completely okay to choose a model that has only one base ring size – as long as this size is the right one for you.

Our products:

Spiral Male Chastity Device: Available in three base ring sizes (40mm, 45mm, 50mm).

The Enforcer Male Chastity Tube: Adjustable base ring (37mm to 56mm).

Attica Chastity Cage: The base rings come in four sizes (35mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm).

Bird Cage Chastity Device: The base ring is 45mm (which suits a large number of users).

Remember, it is important to measure yourself and determine the chastity cage ring size before you use a chastity device.

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