How to Get a Piercing without Feeling It?

How to Get a Piercing without Feeling ItSome people like piercings and the look of body piercing jewelry but are scared of getting a piercing in the first place. How to Get a Piercing without Feeling It?

Can You Get a Piercing without Feeling It?

Is it possible to get a piercing without feeling it? Many people seem to worry about this a lot. This mainly refers to the pain during the procedure, though some people are scared of the pain that comes later, during the initial hours of the healing time.

Here are some things you need to know about piercings and whether it’s possible to get them without feeling a thing:

The Piercing Type

One of the most important factor when it comes to piercing pain is the type of a piercing that you want to get. You are probably aware that there are some piercings that are more painful that the others. For example, a male piercing on the genitalia hurt more than some simple piercings on less sensitive body areas. However, just because a body part doesn’t seem sensitive doesn’t necessarily means that it isn’t. There are some piercings that are not particularly complex, such as ear cartilage piercings, that hurt more than they look. On the other hand, some piercings that look painful, such as tongue piercing, are actually not much painful at all.

The Piercer Performing the Procedure

Another important factor in getting a piercing without much pain is the piercer who performs the procedure. There are many excellent piercers who know how to use their tools perfectly and who are quick but precise. These piercers are able to do a very quick navel piercing, eyebrow piercing or another piercing type before you even realize what’s happening. Again, a lot depends on the piercing type and some longer piercings (in size) do take a bit more time to perform.

However, a good piercer will know how to minimize the pain and to make a quick move that will not hurt much. Many people say that a good piercer can make a piercing painless. If you want to get a piercing without feeling it, it is best to seek a piercer with lots of experience and great reviews. Finding a good piercer is your best bet at not feeling much pain and also at being safe.

What about Anesthesia?

Most piercers do not use anesthesia for their procedures. It may seem cruel but it is actually important that you can feel the touch so they can make a proper placement. It is also important that you can feel what is going on during the procedure itself so they can tell if something is off. Some piercer will apply a topical anesthetic in some cases, but you need to ask beforehand. Not everybody agrees to this but you may be able to find someone who does. It is not a good idea to take any pain killers, alcohol or another substance before the piercing procedure! This can be very dangerous and can make the whole thing unsafe. Keep this in mind when deciding to get a piercing.

Pain after Procedure

While most people don’t think about it, you should expect some pain after the procedure. It may be possible to get an almost painless piercing during the procedure itself but keep in mind that it will probably hurt later on! In many cases, this pain is worse than the one you will get during the procedure. Many people find this reassuring so this is another thing to keep in mind. Some people say that the piercer inserting the piercing barbells or other jewelry hurts more than the procedure itself. However, do not ignore the pain after the procedure: it should hurt and it will probably swell but make sure to monitor it. If it gets worse in the following days or if you notice pus, redness and other warning signs it is best to consult your doctor.

In Conclusion

No, it is not possible to guarantee that you will not feel a thing during the piercing procedure. However, it is not always the pain – many people describe the feeling as a sudden pinch or a mild discomfort. Depending on the piercer’s skills, many piercing procedures are done so quickly that you truly don’t feel much, so it is very close to painless. This is a perfect way to get a piercing without feeling it: find a reliable piercer! This person will know how to make the experience casual and without much pain, if there is any pain at all.

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