What if Genital Piercings Don’t Bring Pleasure?

What if Genital Piercings Don’t Bring PleasureMany people choose to get genital piercings to enhance pleasure for themselves or their partners. These piercings that have a specific function beyond aesthetics are known as functional piercings.

While sexual arousal is not the only function out there, it is the most common type of functional piercings. But what if genital piercings don’t bring pleasure?

When Genital Piercings Don’t Bring Pleasure

Many people decide to get genital piercings precisely because they can bring pleasure and arousal to the wearer or their partner. While many of these piercings are visually stunning, many people choose them because these piercings have a reputation of increasing sexual pleasure for both partners.

It is therefore understandable that people are disappointed if their genital piercings don’t bring pleasure. Does this mean that something is wrong about the piercing or the procedure? Sometimes, yes, it happens because of improper placement and bad procedure. This is one of the main reasons why you should always choose reliable piercers and good piercing studios. It becomes even more important for genital piercings, because not all piercers can perform them. If you want an intimate piercing you need to find a piercer with lots of experience doing these piercings.

However, this is not the only reason when genital piercings don’t bring pleasure. First of all, you need to remember that not all genital piercings are equal in this regard. Some can be very arousing for the wearer and their partner while others are more of the ornaments. These aesthetic-only genital piercings look good but do not enhance pleasure much and are not functional piercings.

Common genital piercings that are not really functional and typically don’t bring pleasure include Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing (HCH), Inner and Outer labia piercings, Frenum and Lorum (for the wearer), Hafada and pubic mound piercings. However, all of this depends on the person: some people might find these piercings extremely satisfying. On the other hand, some other piercings that are usually called functional might not work for a person in question. Also, consider that some piercings might be good for you but not your partners, and vice versa.

The Solutions

If your genital piercings don’t bring pleasure to you and your partners, you might be disappointed. This is particularly common if you have a piercing that is supposed to be very arousing.

The first thing you need to do is to check if your placement is correct and the procedure is fine. Many times, piercers without experience make a bad job and ruin a piercing. This is why it’s important to consult a professional with a lot of experience with genital piercings to tell you if everything is okay with your piercing.

If everything looks good, the next thing you can do is to check the jewelry. Many times, jewelry can make or break the piercing, and it is particularly true in the case of genital piercings. Make sure that you have a proper fit for your piercing and that you are using appropriate jewelry types. If this is not enough, try upgrading to jewelry with larger beads. This may make a difference for your partner if not for you.

Another thing you can do is to try to stretch your piercing to a larger gauge. Larger gauge piercing means larger gauge jewelry. Bigger, heavier jewelry often feels more intense and arousing. This is why many people choose massive jewelry pieces for their genital piercings. This can often solve the problem.

If none of this works, perhaps your anatomy simply doesn’t respond well with a particular piercing. Try finding out an alternative spot. Talk to your piercer about this problem and ask them to recommend you the type of a genital piercing that can improve pleasure for you and your partners.

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