Genital Piercings – Distinguishing the Facts from Myths

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Genital piercings are not as uncommon as you might think. While it is true that some people are freaked by the mere idea of getting a piercing ‘down there’, there are others who can’t think of anything more exciting and daring. Genital piercings are an expression of individuality and more and more people are now opting for them.

As is the case with anything uncommon, there are many myths attached with both male and female genital piercings. Let’s try and separate some prevalent myths from the facts:

Genital piercings hurt much more – No they don’t! Getting a hole punched in your body is bound to hurt and genital piercings hurt only as much as any other piercing would.

Genital piercings take much longer to heal – Take good care of them and genital piercings will actually heal faster than navel and eyebrow piercings. While a navel piercing can take up to 8 months to heal, a Prince Albert piercing can heal in as less as 2 weeks.

Genital piercings can cause paralysis – Not anymore than ear piercings can cause deafness. If gone bad, any piercing can have bad repercussions, but paralysis is probably one of the rarest and most extreme counter effects. The trick is to recognize an infection and eliminate it before things get out of hand.

Genital piercings never heal completely – Nothing backs this myths, except that people are scared of the idea of genital piercings on the whole. All it takes is some care and every piercing heals in due time. There is no reason to why genital piercings would not ever heal. Neither is it true, nor is it possible!

Genital piercings are more prone to infections – Every piercing is prone to infections and so is a genital piercing. But there is no proof of the myth that these piercings are attacked by infections more. Regular cleaning will make sure that your genital piercing heals wells and stays healthy and infection free.

If you are thinking of getting a genital piercing, rest assured that you are not making a mistake or doing something outrageous. Just make sure that you take good care of them and there will be no problems. These are the most easy to deal with piercings as they cannot be seen by anyone other than those who you choose!

Be careful, dispel all the myths and enjoy this little secret which will be your own forever and ever!

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5 thoughts on “Genital Piercings – Distinguishing the Facts from Myths

  1. Overall quite a good article, but I would like to comment in case anyone reads the article that has a genuine interest in the prince albert (the most common genital piercing) in particular.

    Genital piercings hurt more: Saying this is not true I feel may be a bit misleading to people. While it is true that most of the pain for guys may be psychological due to having a body part that many consider sacred pierced, and that you’ll hear stories of men screaming and yelling from the piercing (It’s happened for sure), the Prince Albert is definitely the most painful piercing I’ve gotten. It is a sizable hole being made between your urethra and the outside of the frenulum (a little below the head ridges). It is going to hurt a lot. It left me pretty dazed for a brief moment, and even as the piercer did the actual piercing my animalistic instincts had me try to swat the piercer away (I only did a slapping motion with my hand over a distance of about 6 inches, nothing violent, i never made contact with anything, just saying my body physically reacted as if it was being attacked, and i can usually control that). But it definitely hurt. Other piercings feel like nothing, having me almost scoff at any discomfort i feel when thinking back to my good ol’ PA.

    Healing times: The two weeks thing had me a little confused when I read the article. The widely accepted healing range in all my research for the prince albert for a genital piercing, as well as what was told to me by piercers is 4 to 6 weeks. The biggest concern about genital piercings is “How soon before I can have sex again?” Two weeks worked for me, but I wouldn’t say the piercing was completely healed, far from it, and you’ll most certainly want to use a condom because the natural flora in the female orifice can cause you an infection. Sex for me was also really uncomfortable with the ring in, even after two weeks, and even after three weeks. Fortunately after three weeks, taking the ring out, cleaning it, then putting it back in a short bit later was not a problem. But i don’t think it really felt fully healed even at the 4th week, but everything was very situated and comfortable by the 3rd week, not including sex.

    Genital piercings more prone to infection: This one is definitely a myth and I just want to add that if you get anything that involves your urethra, you’ll also be sterilizing the piercing every time you pee! So you are in fact keeping it very clean just by drinking lots of water and taking a wizz every so often.

    Definitely a good article. Genital piercings definitely catch a bad wrap in today’s world, and its a shame, although in a way you are more unique getting one of these done, and I definitely like my junk more after getting it done. It is pretty much a matter of handling everyone’s negative reactions. But if you can handle the kind of disbelief and scorn that comes with going against all the false information in people’s heads, then you’ll surely enjoy your piercing considerably.

  2. I had a Prince Albert and I loved it, my ex did not, but she was my wife then. I am thinking about doing it again, I have found a great piercer here in Virginia.
    My PA did not hurt except for a sting. Even when I had it stretched to an 8, it was just a pinch.
    BUT, what anyone who wants to get a PA should be aware of is the copious bleeding that will take place the day it is done. The bleeding and clotting is because of the general purpose of the genitilia (to become erect) and the blood flow to that area of the body, as expected, is enormous. I suggest that a towel wrap for the entire night be used as the wound will expell large quantities of blood untiil the next morning, and then meraculously…that is it, no more blood.
    Morever, get the largest gauge piercing possible to be able to hold your jewelry. The most wonderful piece was one that I bought from Chain Gang and it was 8 gauge and weighed a ton..But the sensation was amazing.
    Peeing, of course will provide somewhat of a challange as the stream will have a tendency to follow the jewelry or leak from the hole on the side. But is is a minor incnvenience, just be carefull.
    The wound heals quickly, never hurts unless you bend…you know what…too far in one direection or another..and provides a wonderous feel every now and then.

  3. Hope this doesn’t turn into a PA-only thread, but…
    My notes on my PA:
    The piercing hurt less than nipples, more than ear.
    It ached more consistently for the first week than any other piercing I’ve had, but then it’s all mushed up in the underwear, isn’t it? And that’s a body part meant to have lots of blood, so, it has some puffy fluid retention and achy swelling.
    Mine healed to the point of no bleeding at all in 3 days.
    Auto-erotic (just me!) in 4 days.
    Sex with my hubby in 1 week.
    Full-on no more achy weirdness and able to remove and replace the ring in 3 weeks.
    Considered it totally healed in 5 weeks.

    Then, the stretch up. I started with an 8. Up to 6 was no problem. Up to 4 had a mild achiness for three days. Up to 2 gauge had a serious pinch when my piercer used the taper, and the weight of the 2 ga 3/4 circular barbell is a bit too much for me for everyday wear. I wear a 5/16 curved barbell for most purposes, and put in the big ring for fun time. 🙂 Cuz it’s good like that.
    I sized up to 0 gauge at one point, but had to take it out. I just was not ready for the weight and the healing process. 2 to 0 is a BIG jump and there seems to be little or no help for it. Butch up and do it, or don’t. I’ll be trying it again, soon. It looked AWESOME when it was in – just the right size, aesthetically.

    Anyway, I agree with the mythology points above – though some folks will need to consider their own cleanliness habits and lifestyle needs before taking on a genital piercing.

  4. When you get any kind of piercing, they must all be kept clean to keep infection away. The faster it heals the less it will bother you. Genital piercings are no different. Although it is not something I would recommend, it is all up to the person to take care of themselves.

  5. Has any of you ladies ever been with a man who’s had genital beading work done? If so did you enjoy it?

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