Genital Beading for Gay Men

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I am gay and my partners enjoy sex with my beading. A great turn on. Highly recommended.

Genital Beading for Gay MenRecently, there was a question regarding genital beading and its influence on sexual pleasure for women. Genital beading involves temporary penile implants under the skin, which can nicely rub against the woman’s vagina during intercourse. However, penis beading is not just for those who want to have sex with women. In fact, this genital modification works amazing for gay men during anal intercourse. Genital beading for gay men is more popular than people think.

Genital Beading for Gay Men: The Advantages

It is undeniable that penile beads can work wonders for gay men. The beads go under the skin of the penis to create a pleasurable texture. These beads rub nicely against the anal walls of the receiving partner during the intercourse. The beads also press on the wearer’s penis, creating a highly erotic and pleasurable experience for both partners.

Genital beading for gay men is also very popular because it can help with prostate massage. During an anal intercourse, the beads can press onto the receiving partner’s prostate and enhance the pleasure. It is not surprising that there are so many gay men who like these penile implants!

Male genital beading can work great for anal intercourse in the same way that certain penis piercings do (or even better!) For example, strategically positioned penis beads can make the penis thicker and more intense during sexual intercourse. In this way, genital beading works similarly to the Ampallang piercing (the horizontal penis piercing). Also, since it is possible to insert numerous beads under the skin of the penis, the experience is even more intense and pleasurable than with a penis piercing.

What if Beading Doesn’t Work?

While genital beading for gay men is often an amazing thing, it is important to note that it may not work for all people. It is typically a better option for a penetrating partner because having penile implants while being penetrated anally doesn’t really get the beads going – though there are people who use them in this way without a problem.

Another thing is that people simply like different things. Just like not all people enjoy penis piercing and penis jewelry, they will simply not enjoy genital beading. Some gay men find these penile implants too overwhelming and uncomfortable. It is sometimes possible to solve these issues with the use of a powerful lube but in other cases, they remain to be less than great. In these situations, it is important that partners communicate to find an option that works for everyone.

Also, there are gay men who might not enjoy their partner’s beading to the fullest because it just doesn’t hit all the right spots. One of the best things about male beading is that it can rub nicely against the anal walls and even help with the prostate massage during intercourse. If the beads don’t hit all these sweet spots you are missing out. In this case, try different positions until you find the one that works best.

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  1. Will you ever make nipple rings that are more or less permanent once installed? I would like something in 10 ga. that would lock together so that the only way to remove it would be to cut it off. I have never seen one advertised so maybe you will think about making one. thanks.

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