Gay Genital Piercing

PAMany gay men are great fans of male genital piercings. It is not difficult to understand why: penis piercings and other genital piercings are not only beautiful but can also enhance the pleasure for both partners.

Men of all sexual orientations like and wear genital piercings with pride. This is not something that depends on your sexual orientation or the gender of your partners. For these reasons, there is no specific gay genital piercing you can choose.

On the other hand, many gay men are rightfully interested in the best piercings that can improve pleasure during intercourse with their partners. In this sense, the best gay genital piercing is the one that brings most pleasure during intercourse between two men.

The Best Gay Genital Piercing

It is important to know that there is no one, universal piercing ideal for all men. It is not surprising, because a lot will depend on your and your partner’s preferences, anatomy and type of sexual activities you want to engage in. In this sense, there is not one gay genital piercing that will suit all gay men equally.

That being said, there are certain piercings that are known to enhance anal sex and are very popular among gay men. Keep in mind, however, that a lot will depend on personal preferences and that some men will find completely different piercings enjoyable.

  • Prince Albert. PA piercing is always a good bet when it comes to satisfaction. It is relatively simple and easy to get, so it is not surprising that it is the most famous genital piercing in the world. Depending on the jewelry and piercing gauge, PA piercings can produce some great sensations during anal sex. Some receiving partners even claim that it can nicely stimulate their P-spot. However, keep in mind that PA piercings, especially when paired with large jewelry, may pose problem during oral sex.
  • Horizontal penis piercing goes from left to right through the glans and is one of the most striking genital piercings. It makes penis head wider and thicker, which is great news for those who like big penises and intense anal penetration. There are many gay men who adore their partner’s Ampallang piercing. On the other hand, keep in mind that there are some people who find this piercing too overwhelming.
  • Many gay men report great results with frenum piercings. They can feel great during anal penetration and make the experience more intense. On the other hand, there are also gay men who find this piercing troubling, especially if their partner has many piercings along his shaft. These grouped piercings, known as Jacob’s Ladder, may be too overwhelming for the receiving partners. That being said, there are men who enjoy them a lot.

As you can see, there are no definite answers. Each person is individual, with different tastes and preferences. What may work for one partner may be too much for the other, and vice versa. This is why it’s important to communicate. Talk to your partner openly about what they like and what is too intense for them. It is important to find a solution that will suit both of you. There are many different genital piercings to choose from so chances are that you and your partner will be able to enjoy at least some of them.

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