Gauge Size Chart

Whiteheat Double Flared Earlets

Whiteheat Double Flared Earlets

All body piercing enthusiasts need to be familiar with gauge sizes. There are handy gauge size charts showing you sizes of all gauges (in centimeters and inches) so you know how large your piercing is.

Knowing your exact size as well your desired size (if you want to stretch your jewelry) is crucial. It’s important to always know the size of your piercings because that’s the only way to choose correct jewelry. If you wish to stretch your piercing you need to know your starting size and the gauge you want to achieve (note that you should never stretch for more than one size because it can hurt your piercing and lead to tearing, infections and other problems).

The gauge size chart can come in handy if you wish to stretch your piercing or if you need a quick info on how big a certain gauge is. Remember, initial piercings are done in gauges ranging from 20 to 14, mainly depending on the location and piercing method. When stretching your piercings, don’t forget to always wait for piercings to be fully healed before you attempt to do a stretching. Also, you need to wait some time before you stretch it to the next size. Waiting for about a month or two should make your piercing rest enough so you can stretch it to a new size.

Basic Gauge Chart

Here is a basic gauge chart for the most common sizes:




20 0.8 1.32
18 1.0 5/128
16 1.2 3/64
14 1.6 1/16
12 2.0 5/64
10 2.4 3/32
8 3.2 1/8
6 4.0 5/32
4 5.0 3/16
2 6.0 1/4
0 8.0 1/3
00 10 3/8
11 7/16
12 1/2
14 9/16
16 5/8
19 3/4
22 7/8
25 1
29 1 1/8
32 1 1/4
35 1 3/8
38 1 1/2
41 1 5/8
44 1 3/4
48 1 7/8
51 2


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