Free Buyer’s Guide to New Urethral Toys

Unicorn Horn VibratorUrethral toys are very popular among men and women who like sensual urethral stimulation.

Urethral play has many fans all over the world, so it is not surprising that urethral toys such as penis plugs and urethral sounds are so popular.

Here is a quick guide to the newest urethral toys specially designed to bring pleasure to a new level:

Penis Screw

Penis Screw is a powerful penis plug made for those who appreciate intensity. It features a highly textured, ribbed exterior that will rub against your urethra and provide the most pleasurable sensations imaginable. Penis screw is ideal for those who want their urethral toys to be intense and memorable. On the other hand, this penis plug is well-crafted so it can be used even by beginner users, as long as they do have some experience with urethral stimulation. The tip of this toy features its own texture so it can provide even more different sensations. This is one of the textured toys specially made to provide additional stimulation during use so you will sure enjoy it a lot.

Magic Stick

Magic Stick is an elegant and uniquely-designed urethral sound made for intense orgasms. It is long so it can read deep into the urethra to all of your sweet spots. One of the most striking things about this urethral toy is its double-ended design. This sound has two different yet equally exciting ends made for unique sensations. One end has gentle waves made for deep and sensual massage while the other features five beads specially designed for pleasure and intensity. This is a great toy for all those who enjoy urethral stimulation and are looking for new ways to pleasure themselves.

Triple Ball Sperm Stopper

Triple Ball Sperm Stopper is a new and improved sperm stopper you can use to prevent fluids from coming out. Sperm stoppers are excellent toys that can be used for enhance pleasure. They are inserted into the urethra only slightly, so you can use them even if you are a beginner user who does not want to use big and long urethral toys. Sperm stoppers consist of a glans ring and a rod inserted into the urethra. The rod has a ball on the end that acts as a stopper for sperm and urine. A basic sperm stopper has one ball but there are many elaborate models that take the experience to a completely new level. This triple ball sperm stopper has 3 smooth and sturdy balls specially designed to enhance the experience even further. The balls are of varying sizes so you can insert one, two or all three into your urethra and create different feelings.

Spade Drop Penis Plug

Spade Drop Penis Plug is an elegant urethral toy made for users of all experience levels. Beginners will appreciate its small size and comfort it brings while more experienced users will love how much intensity such a small toy can produce. This plug has a gently ribbed exterior made for additional stimulation during use. This texture will massage your urethral walls and produce incredible sensations. The penis plug also includes a glans ring that serves a double purpose. On one hand, it is there to keep the plug in place. It is also there to provide additional stimulation during use.

Unicorn Horn Vibrator

Unicorn Horn Vibrator is a powerful male vibrator toy. It is ideal for those who need a bit of extra sensations during their urethral play. This vibrating sound is not only elegant but also packed with power. It is specially designed to hit all the right spots so even the more experience users will love all the sensations it can bring. The sound comes with beads near the tip made for additional stimulation. The vibrating function is there to create deep and pleasurable sensations that will make you cum over and over again.

4 Way Penis Plug

4 Way Penis Plug is a uniquely designed urethral toy made for those who appreciate intensity and deep sensations. This is actually 4 toys in one so it can provide many different sensations and satisfy users of different experience levels. All of the individual plugs are gently textured with a wavy exterior made for additional stimulation during use. Three of the plugs are shorter while one is significantly longer and can reach deeper into the urethra. One of the plugs is noticeably thinner than the others. This way, you can achieve many different sensations and try many different penis plugs with this one toy.

Bad Wolf Plug

Bad Wolf Plug is a beautiful penis plug with a ribbed exterior. It is ideal for those who like textured urethral toys but don’t want to go after the most intense models. This penis plug is elegantly designed and crafted to perfection to provide the best sensations imaginable. The tip of the toy is smooth to make insertion comfortable and the textured ribs are higher on the shaft. This way, you can control your urethral play and all the sensations you wish to experience with a urethral toy.

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