Foreskin Piercing: Will It Get Smelly?

I’m interested with foreskin piercing, I have short foreskin and I want it on the top (11 and 1 o’clock), using Barbell style. In my ears, I have two one inch piercings, and one standard piercing. I’m no longer wearing the piercing. The standard piercing (1.5mm) it’s harder to clean up after I’m not wearing the piercing, so it’s kinda smelly. My question is, because foreskin is elastic, is it hard to clean up? And is it possible can be smelly? I live in a country that 99% men are circumcised, and I asked tattoo piercing studios, nobody done this before, even they’re never do a piercing on genital area, it’s hard to find information about this here. I really appreciate your answer. 

~ Ryan

Foreskin PiercingThere are many different ways to have a foreskin piercing. As you may expect, this is a piercing exclusively for men who are not circumcised, although some cut guys can also get it, if they have enough of foreskin left. A short foreskin should not necessarily be a problem here – it is just important to get a proper placement. As for your foreskin piercing getting smelly, this is mostly regarded to hygiene and how well the piercing was done in the first place. This is why it is so important to have a piercer with plenty of experience and knowledge about the type of piercing you wish to get.

Will a Foreskin Piercing Get Smelly?

Should you expect your foreskin piercing to get smelly? No, not really. This is a piercing like any other, and there is no reason for it to get smelly or infected. Keep in mind that it is possible to pierce many different body parts without a problem. Some of the piercings cannot last for long, such as surface piercings. These piercings are temporary. However, even they do not regularly become smelly. This is not how a piercing should be.

Foreskin piercings are rarer than the most popular piercing types, such as navel piercings or ear piercings. They are also somewhat rare when it comes to genital piercings. However, there are many men who have this piercing without a problem. There is no reason for a foreskin piercing to become smelly. In fact, a smelly piercing is a warning sign that something is not right.

When it comes to ear piercings, the same rules apply. They should not become smelly. This is not a normal way for a piercing to be. Luckily, bad smell doesn’t necessarily mean a huge problem, such as an infection or a similar issue. However, it does mean that you should clean your piercing more carefully and more regularly. Do not use harsh chemicals: most of the time, a saline solution is enough. This is what one needs to do during the healing time, and it is also a good course of action to eliminate odors.

A foreskin piercing is different in many ways than a common ear piercing. For one thing, it is a genital piercing, so it is more sensitive. However, the regular rules still apply: you should clean it regularly. Being stretchy and elastic is not a problem in itself. In fact, this can make cleaning easier in some situations. You will just need to clean it regularly, especially at the beginning (during the healing time).

Again: the best way to clean is to use a saline solution. Apply it a couple of times per day (no more than this), to remove any possible dirt, sweat, bacteria and other substances that accumulate around the piercing and inside of the piercing hole. This should help you keep your foreskin piercing healthy and odor-free.

Where to Get a Foreskin Piercing?

A bigger problem here is to find a reliable piercer to perform a foreskin piercing. Remember, you need someone who is knowledgeable enough. Someone who has plenty of experience performing this type of piercing. A regular piercer just won’t do: you need someone who knows how to get the best placement for a foreskin piercing.

This becomes even more crucial with a short foreskin. It is possible to get a piercing in this situation, but it is important for a reliable piercer to find the best placement. A good piercer should also suggest the best jewelry styles for your situation. All of this will help your piercing and it will minimize the risks associated with it. It should also prevent odors and other issues you might have with the piercing, as long as you perform adequate cleaning routine.

If there are no knowledgeable piercers around you, it might be tricky to get a proper foreskin piercing. You should do your best to find a reliable piercer. Travel might be an option: many people travel to meet a piercer who is an expert for the type of piercing they are looking for. Yes it is a much more complicated and expensive option but it is safer than just doing it with any random piercer in your neighborhood. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to get a genital piercing or not.

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