Foreskin Piercing around the Penis Head

Foreskin Piercing around the Penis Head~ Huck

Have you ever seen a foreskin piercing that is more like a HALO around the foreskin keeping the foreskin pulled forward over the head? It would be circular and pierce through 3 or 4 sections around the foreskin and pulled over the head. Would that be possible?

Complex Foreskin Piercings Explained

Foreskin piercings are among the easiest male genital piercings, although it depends on the exact placement and the type of a piercing that you want to get. A typical foreskin piercing goes through just one spot but there are many other placements you can request. Having multiple foreskin piercings or using a foreskin piercing in different ways is also a possibility. There are also many different ways to use male genital jewelry on your foreskin piercing.

Different Ways to Pierce a Foreskin

There are many different ways to pierce a foreskin. The most popular placement is a Kuno piercing that goes through the edge of the foreskin near the opening. It creates one home in a foreskin while the other hole is the natural one so this foreskin piercing is very easy and typically not painful at all.

However, there are many other ways to get a foreskin piercing. First of all, it is possible to have more than one foreskin piercing. Typically, people get two piercings, one on the left and one on the right side, or one on the top and the other one on the bottom. This doesn’t have to be your choice, though: there are many ways to pierce a foreskin and you can have more than two piercings all around your foreskin.

It is also possible to play with foreskin jewelry to achieve various effects. Some people use rings, which is the most common foreskin piercing jewelry. However, it is also possible to use special barbells, piercing beads and other jewelry choices to achieve different effects.

Just keep in mind that any non-common piercing placement of jewelry choice needs to be approved by your piercer. Before you make any decision on the placement, jewelry choices, gauge and other issues, it is vital to consult a knowledgeable piercer with plenty of experience performing foreskin piercings. It is very important to use a person who knows a lot about foreskin piercings because this minimizes your risk and maximizes your chances of having a problem-free, safe and healthy piercing.

Foreskin Piercing that Goes Around the Head

Is it possible to have a foreskin piercing that goes all around the penis head? This will largely depend on your anatomy but it is possible to have an unusual piercing on your foreskin. In order to achieve a circle effect all around your penis head, you will probably need multiple foreskin piercings. The exact number is something your piercer should determine in a consultation with you. Sometimes, it is possible to achieve this effect only with two piercings while in other situations it is possible to create multiple foreskin piercings to achieve this effect.

In order to have a circle around the penis head, it may be for the best to wear one jewelry piece through all of your piercing holes. This will create a special penis ring effect and it will be possible to use it to pull your foreskin over the penis head.

Depending on the piercings and their placement, as well as male body piercing jewelry you use for your piercing, it may be possible to keep your foreskin permanently pulled over the penis head. However, it may pose a discomfort if you get aroused.

If you wish to achieve infibulation, it is sure possible through foreskin piercings. However, it is important to find a reliable piercer who can examine you. They can suggest the best placement and size for your piercings to achieve infibulation. It is dangerous to do this by yourself so it’s best to consult a professional.

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